A strange God creating strange things.

To get back to business I have made one of those monster paintings that I have been doing lately... because it is fun. This one also might be a sinister God, called Nuln, from the role-playing world I have been creating for my three players.




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Monsters are always fun! I love monsters ever since I got over being scared of the dark and became friends with the monster that lived under my bed that was always trying to snatch my ankles.

Hello, Otto. Great to hear from you again. Monstrum means omen in Latin derived from the idea that deformity or unnatural features was an ill omen from the Gods. Overcome that fear and you control your own destiny! Cheers!

I got to get back into the studio .... besides, also post some stuff here again. Getting too sidetracked with Corona, it takes too much time out of my day.
Omen made me think of the movie Dogma - the full movie is even on You Tube

And just like that, unpredictable art is back on my feed to feed my famished artistic soul!

Happy dances-xD

Happy dances indeed :)

Nice! Love the tones, darkness, and use of light! Digital right? I’ve been playing around with Procreate- so much fun. Great to see your work again!

Yes, I have been doing mostly digital for the last ten years or so. Still makes things with pencil and sometimes watercolour, but things like this is so much faster with digital. Would take a lot of planning in oil, acrylics or watercoulour :) This way I can let the thing evolve while I make it. I do plan to find some time for analogue works too in 2022. I have become tired of looking at a screen all the time!

I only use open source software and my main app is Krita for painting.

Good to hear from you! Cheers!

I feel ya- too much screen time can melt the eyeballs. Does Krita work with an apple pen? If only oil or watercolor painting had the edit undo option lol 🙃

Is the mouth with eyes in it like some kind of abyss?

The image as a whole looks like a bazaar landscape one might find on a petry dish.

Love your work, keep it up!

I did think if the black gap in the middle as some sort of vortex, yes.

Nice, well done - it suits

Strange spells being cast there. All hail Nuln!


Nothing better than pizza and beer as offerings to Gods ;)

Why did Mickey Mouse get a pie on his face?
Because Donald ducked!

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Love it ! Very creepy
Welcome back to the game


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A monster I am not immediately afraid of. HaHa, it looks interested, has a slightly questioning look for me and at first I thought the eyes were made of screws. The colours in their effect are really very successful. An extremely suitable monster for a fantasy world, I think. Can it speak? Nuln doesn't have a mouth, but what does that matter. LOL