The propaganda dry tumbler

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WARNING! This is a Dark Katharsisdrill posts which means it might offend you... or amuse you if you are that sort of person. The following is viewed at your own risk!


Sometimes I hate any form of human communication... I made this while the whole propaganda charade was at its highest. The Ghost of Kyiv, fuck off Russian warship and left wing holier than thou Twitter junkies trying to make the war in Ukraine about some neo-nazis in a crazy orgy of whataboutery that came right out of the Kremlin.


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The whole aggressive stance of Putin is making me feel sick. Thousands are dying for his ego. He didn't have to do this. I hope the Russian people can see it is wrong.

Yes, it is terrible. Somehow the Russian Military-complex with Putin heading it has blundered completely, and they are crawling further up the tree so the chances of peace becomes even harder. All problems would be solved if they perished, but instead they are dragging what is left of the Russian Empire down. When all this is over why should Siberia not sell their oil themselves, why should the Chechen not create their own land as they already tried. The worst thing is that their cynicism is surpassed by their incompetence in achieving their gloomy goals which sets millions of lives in danger.

This one is super badass! I love it. I'm gonna have to look at it and study it for a bit. Innards...

a crazy orgy of whataboutery

That might have been the best wordsmithing i have seen so far this week! hahaha Keep up the great work bro!

Remember that there's a high resolution version if you want to look closer.

I always read that but then forget! hahah Pulling it up now.

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A really interesting art piece; I came across it while scrolling and felt compelled to stop and have a closer look. It's a powerful perspective -

  • Thanks, Tim.