[SpeedPainting] Unveiling the Mystique of Dune's Navigators!

Hey hey hey! Hello there!

Greetings, fellow members of the Alien Art HIVE community! This is my first time posting on this community channel and I`m thrilled to be kickstarting our relationship with this piece! 👽😁

My name is Andre, but many call me Galiant in the art realm! I've been an illustrator for so many years now and I've been recently onboarded on Hive by my wife (@crisciacm) and it has been an absolute blast! You guys are awesome! So many cool posts here too!

If you're curious, you can check my intro post here if you wanna see some of my art and links! 😜

Onto what matters!

Being a big fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories I was super stoked back in 2021 with the upcoming release of Denis Villeneuve's feature film "Dune". The original Frank Herbert's novel is huge in the field and I was really drawn by it back in the day of my first read. So out of absolute pure hype I decided to challenge myself and started up an IGTV series on Instagram called "Dune June" where - FOR 30 FRICKING DAYS STRAIGHT, I'd be posting one illustration per day with prompts from the book.

On June 18th, I decided the theme would be the "Guild Navigators" - humans that underwent several physical mutations due to the consumption of a famous and valuable orange drug within the universe which grants them prowess to transverse the Universe in big ships called Heighliners. A fitting topic for our Alien Art HIVE crew, you see! 😜 They used to live in tanks filled with the drug in gas form, and had immense prescience powers!

So here is the final concept art I made for them! All painted in Photoshop using a Wacom Cintiq 16!


Naturally, here is the step-by-step process of how I achieve that finished piece:


For those who like it, I've also put together a link to the painting process with my narration and music background composed in Guitar Pro! 😝 There you go:
(Speedpaint) Painting process of Galiant`s Guild Navigators!

Thanks for checking in! Let me know your thoughts and thanks for having me here!
Looking forward to meeting you all!


As an extremely long-term fan of the dune movie and Frank Herbert I think this is absolutely cool!

Awesome work thank you very much and have an amazing day!

Heeey! That's great to hear! Thx for the kind words, buddy. Perhaps I should post all the 30 paintings of the Dune June series here then, right?! Nice! ✌️Hehehe 😜

Absolutely that's exactly what this place is for.

Although do it in a series! And put in tag list. A voluntary tag list that people can get off of if they want or ask to be signed up so that they can constantly get alerts.

I happened to like getting alerts on things that I really think is cool so by all means please tag me! I am definitely a Herbert fan!

In fact I'm really salty over the adaptation as well as very impressed. Really mad because they pushed back the release date to next year and that's just really bad news.

By the way I do knife fighting and martial arts. In fact a lot of that came from the University of Frank Herbert! In fact I'm really pretty impressed about the work that his son did on expanding the entire dune world with the machine crusade and butlerian jihad as well as the events leading up to dune and Paul atreides.

Finding out why the baron got STDs and turned into such a bitter person? Was because he got taken advantage of and the lady Jessica is his daughter.... Lol

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This place was created for artists like you. I love to connect and teach you how to invest in yourself because the more people I do that the more cooler friends that I have and the more we make together!

Awesome, @ganjafarmer!! Glad to hear and thanks for that explanation! I'm a slow learner but I think I'm getting how things work as I move on. Will definitely be checking some of your resources! Super stoked to find another Dune fan here! I'm definitely tagging you when the next Dune posts are up! I've had stabs on my very own crysknife, on the Baron himself, even on Siona and the God Emperor Leto II!

I'll leave you with my personal take on the Atreides Gom Jabbar as a sneak peek 😜:

Gom_Jabbar small.png

Can`t wait to see Alia on Dune part 2! Just like you, I had mixed feelings about it, but at the end of the day, it is super dope to see the whole piece put together with the technology we have right now. Stoked to watch the second movie. Hehehe!

Looking forward to seeing your impression in the next Dune-related posts! =)
Cheers, bud!

Nice!! I know you have a lot of Dune content! It would be great to drop all of them here :)

Thanks!! Really? That`d be cool if folks were curious to check on the other paintings as well! Hehehe We'll see!

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