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This is one of those things that for a while I've thought, "I bet that would work" but hadn't gotten around to it. The process for creating this piece was first doing a 3D render, then using multiple AI painting filters, then layering all the passes from the auto painters together, and doing manual painting touch ups. I have mixed feelings about the fact that I think this looks really good for the amount of work it takes.


On the one hand I'm someone that tends to lean towards adopting technology asap and not clinging to techniques for sentimental reasons...well for professional work. For personal work, obviously you should do whatever you want, but I dunno, in my mind this genie is out of the bottle. IMO it doesn't look as good if I would have painted it all by hand and obviously I can take things 100x farther by doing everything manually, but it is seductive to be able to get results in minutes instead of hours or even days.


Obviously wouldn't apply to everything and will never replace hand painting or anything like that, but for me it is also something that WILL be integrated as one of the tools in my set of tools for making images.

s someone who does both 2D and 3D art, that's where I see a ton of potential. It allows for a totally seamless blending between these two. Also if you wanted to throw in some photobashing, that would work as well. You can cobble together 3D, photography, and hand painting, then get everything unified via the AI and some manual cleanup. Is this the future? Man and machine tag teaming stuff? I dunno, what do you all think about AI art and what it means for artists moving forward? Is it exciting? Is it cheating? Let me know in the comments.

PS Posting in Alien Art Hive because I need to follow my own rules for my community where we don't allow AI art. As you can see I don't have anything against it, but I just don't want to deal with drawing the line between people experimenting and doing really interesting stuff, and people doing one click farming. That's why it's great having multiple art communities :D


Wow that's quite impressive O_O

it is seductive to be able to get results in minutes instead of hours or even days.

And this is why people do it :D (that and things like photobash, and I don't even care about the one-click farmers)

And meanwhile I think I'd probably get on about as well with an AI as I would with anyone else x_x

does not play well with others

I think you're going to be one of those people who have fun explaining your processes to others XD "Well it's quite simple, all you do is [rattles off an incredibly long and complicated list of intertwining processes including if this then probably this, that or that other thing all of which have thier own subprocesses] and that's it" [other person standing there looking glazed]

Haha, I am known to do the whole, "All you do is..." then half way through a long explanation I realize, actually this isn't that simple haha.

The tools at the disposal of we artists are growing and becoming more surreal. At one point shall we, in this world, feel more in a Dali painting than anything we could create? Really interesting stuff @midlet

The amount of stuff is getting mind boggling.

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It does look pretty great, I agree it's both concerning and also pretty cool, atm AI can't quite replicate the intricacies of a real painting (or at least usually there are some tells) but it is getting damn close!

Yea it's getting pretty crazy. Like I don't think it means much for people painting at a really high level, more I think it raises the bottom where if you're not a great painter, the barrier to entry is lower. If you're a really good painter, you have a lot of flexibility where you can throw it in the process if you want to blend it with manual work.

Amazing which software does the AI patching up?
I've used 3d before for getting right body poses but always painting over, which can take some time hehe

I find it funny because I mostly uses those shortcuts when doing a job that has to be ready fast but when I'm just drawing for myself I seem to don't mind taking my time with more traditional ways hehe

I use several and mix them all together. One is a standalone app called Waterlouge, then one is a PS plug-in called Topaz Studio, also used some default PS filters.

It was a nice and pleasant surprise to see you post here. After reading now i know why. I think this one did turn out quite lovely. The AI opportunity to supplement and augment one's own art is definitely an accelerator. I am with you, it shouldn't replace the og methods.. but exploring new tools and mediums is part of the fun of being an artist. I was just drawing in Crayola Crayons last night. Going back to the basics! hahaha
Cheers browski

Yea, I can't help loving to see what pops out from a lot of experimentation. It's definitely fun for sure.

Too true! I think the fun has only just begun! =)

your job well done is harmonious. the fusion of the two techniques works very well in my opinion. I also have my own creative process and I created together 2d and 3d and photo editing, it's a lot of fun. We must experiment and not limit ourselves. I invite you to look at my works, we could talk a lot about this art.

Thanks! I'll check it out 😊