Call for artists! NFT Showroom gallery at Hivefest in AltspaceVR

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Authored by @juliakponsford

This year HiveFest will be happening virtually in Altspace VR! The event starts on December 18th. If you register before December 7th it's free! To register and read more about it visit

Announcement post by @roelandp: Registration for HiveFest⁵ opened up


NFT Showroom has been invited to create a gallery to showcase some of the beautiful art that gets tokenized on our platform so we are putting out a call for artists.

How to participate

We will be able to accommodate 30 - 40 pieces of art, still images preferred as GIFs and video may be too resource intensive. There may also be an opportunity for a few artists to speak about NFTs and cryptoart!

If you are interested in having your art featured please leave a comment on this post with the following info:

  • Link to the art on NFT Showroom
  • Title
  • year of creation
  • yes/no if you are interested in speaking

Please note that we may not be able to include everyone due to the limitations of the space but we will be doing our best to include a diversity of styles!

Visit the site and browse art:

You can follow us on Twitter:
or Instagram:

For any questions or support please visit us in discord NFT Showroom discord



Title: Organic Concrete
Created in 2020
I'm available to speak and already registered on the event!

i talked with @richardfyates and he agreed with me that we would like to enter our collab drawing into this exhibit:
Thanks for your consideration!

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Project Activity Update
Evasive Maneuvers in the Interstellar Lightning
No thanks to speaking, at least this time around. :-)

Hi there!
Great initiative from @ntfshowroom and of course @roelandp!

Since this is a Hive Fest and a nftshowroom gallery here is my contribution.

  • Tribal Hive Warrior
  • 2020

  • Can I offer you some NFT?
  • 2020

I'm not interested in speaking

Thank you!
'Katinka', 2020
No thanks to speaking - no cam or mic available atm :(

Title: Awakened Angel
Year of Creation: 2020 (on Halloween)
No, not interested in speaking
Parts of it 2019, completed 2020.
No speaking, do not let me speak. You don't want me to speak. :)

Awesome, i would love to participate having one of my pieces featured in NFT Showroom Gallery :)

Title: Cubic666
Year of Creation: 2020
Speaking: No

Thank you :)

Hi there!
Great initiative from @ntfshowroom and of course @roelandp!

Here is my contribution

Tribal American Eagle

Feel free to check my gallery and see if you are interested in other arts

I'm not interested in speaking

Thank you!

  • Rassmus the guardian of the forest

  • Created 2020

  • Not at this moment, but in a next opportunity I would like to talk :)

Thank you for this opportunity to represent the world of fractal art on Hive!

  1. The Winter Sitter
  2. Created in 2020
  3. No, I don't wish to speak

This festival looks awesome!

Title: Neo Multi Laser Core
Year: 2020
Speaking: Yes, interested.

I spent a few days making a video to participate 😂 I should read more thoughtfully.

'giraffe tree on fire'

still image:

This is pretty awesome! I don't think my art is too 'resource-intensive', to be honest ( haha! ). Let's see if I can come up with something worthy in the next couple of weeks - would be fun to have it up there in VR. Talking about NFT art is probably a little too early for me but it sure is an exciting adventure to set foot in so far.

Cool beans!

or baked ones if you prefer those

Looks interesting, I'd love to participate! I have a very specific piece in mind for it:

Theta Vyrus
Created in 2013, Minted in 2020
Not sure if I'd be available to speak, but am interested to know more about the format of the speaking opportunity.

Thanks! :)

Title: Black Cat Magic
Created in 2020

I am not sure about speak, all depends in which format cos I'm a bit limited without web cam or good internet. Thank you

Title: Frost Giant Outlook
Created: 2020
Not able to speak on the event :(

Wishing you all a great time!

Hello! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

I would be happy to be virtually presented by:

Title: Jormungandr, The Sea Dragon
Year: 2020
Ability to speak: No

Hello there. I'd love to see one of my pieces there.
Here's the link to my fan art of Sithrah.

Title: A Cat and the Dark
Created in 2017
Not interested to speak

Hello, I would love that this piece would be part of the Showroom gallery in Hive Fest

Thank you

Title: Radioactive Aquamarine
Year: 2019
Speaking: Depends

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Link to the art on NFT Showroom:

Title: Into Colors

Year of creation: 2017

NO - "if you are interested in speaking"

Thank You!
Cumberland Tree
This Nft is the beginning of learning how to paint this painting. I will show others how to paint without experience. I plan on doing most my images for the sake of supporting the arts and teaching others to paint and draw using Lucida camera. an art course on NFTshowroom

This sounds like fun. I'd like to display art....but will post again once I mint something to propose.

I just got my stuff in for the free Crypto Twerpz NFT! Here is my extremely late offering to the chance to get in for HIVE FEST!


Title- RainBowZ: Emissivity of Reception
Year of Creation- 2018

I don't think i would be the best selection to speak since this is my first minted artwork for NFT ShowRoom. But... if you need someone i would be willing to help any way that i can! Thanks for the consideration @nftshowroom. See y'all at HIVE FEST either way!
Title: Cold Heart
Year of Creation: 2020
Speaking: No

Thank you :)

Title : potato head with googlyeyes
Created in 2020

Artist is a young 12yr old girl from Germany - I can talk for / or with her!

Title:Tesla's Gaze
Year: 2020
Yes I would love to speak on how I do style transfer.