Rainbow Torus- Regenerative Photo Set

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Nfts with Limited Reproduction Rights Unlockable photo set !!


Making photos and designs available for others to use in art or as elements in graphic design.
For each nft I release in the Story series, I’ll release these LRR photo sets in the NFT Showroom.
These are photos I took during the making of the piece, and also the final digital image.

This shape represents the movement & flow of energy. It’s a flow process called the torus or toroidal energy dynamic. I created this backdrop of the toroidal flow using adhesive vinyl.

By purchasing this nft you get the rights to use the images in this set for use in new artworks, cover art, fliers, etc... Images can not be resold as is in any format. Buyers can resell this token, passing the license to the next buyer. Includes 7 unlockable images, 6 photos shown in the collage plus 1 surprise photo.

It is my intent to continue experimenting around with art nfts. I understand most buyers on the showroom are other artists. By offering unlockable limited reproduction rights items I hope to provide value, while giving new purpose to my past creations. It makes me sick when I think about the thousands of brilliant and useful images I’ve taken that never even get seen. Fingers crossed you all are into this! If not we keep on experimenting and creating anyways!!

Check it out here:

Art Process Video:


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Love the eye games these pieces play! great job!

Wow, that's amazing!