3dArt: Teddy bear [ESP/ENG]

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¡Hola hiveans! espero estén de maravilla el día hoy.
Hoy les comparto un nuevo arte en el cual estoy gravando todo el proceso, para que lo vean de mejor manera y con música de fondo, la cual no tiene derechos de autor.

Este arte fue a petición de un amiguito de 12 años, él tiene un peluche, y me dijo que le gustaría que lo intentara hacer en 3D. La verdad me gusto mucho como quedo, pensé que las partículas iban hacerme sufrir, pero estuvo fácil conseguir un buen resultado para este modelo.

A diferencia de los dos últimos post, este fue modelado y no esculpido, pueden ver la diferencia de como se trabaja diferente que en los videos anteriores. Si tienen alguna idea para hacer un modelo y publicarlo, sería genial.

Hello hiveans! I hope you are having a great day today.
Today I share with you a new art in which I am recording the entire process, so that you can see it in a better way and with background music, which does not have copyrights.

This art was at the request of a 12-year-old friend, he has a stuffed animal, and he told me that he would like me to try to make it in 3D. The truth is I really liked how it turned out, I thought the particles were going to make me suffer, but it was easy to get a good result for this model.

Unlike the last two posts, this one was modeled and not sculpted, you can see the difference in how it works differently than in the previous videos. If you have any ideas to make a model and publish it, that would be great.

oso de peluche.jpg


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Me: hmm why is there no music?!
Also me: ...oh yeh headphones plugged in x_x (I forgot I was using them last night, usually I just use speakers unless it'sa late or I'm looping music)

Back to edge modelling today? :D

Ahh so cute look at the little paw pads XD

Your lighting seems a little bit dark, or is it my computer?

ha ha ha!
You: he lied to me, there is no music XD
My learning has been messy and without a tutor. How is that for edge modeling? XD

I think it's the dark colors, and not the lighting. I was also trying the AgX "color management" thing, although the truth is that I don't see a change, at least in this model, perhaps the material of the eyes and balloons looks better? 🤔

My learning has been the same. I did start at uni but the rest of it has been all me and all the drama that entails XD I donno it looks fine to me, there's best practice processes (which are best practice for reasons) but generally with modelling and sculpting especially there isn't a right way, just whatever works best with your brain.

The biggest thing I picked up with edge modelling/retopo (which might just be edge modelling with a guide I donno XD) is that generally you want quads (triangles are fine if there's some places where you either need to close a gap or like in spheres or cylinders where it might be the only shape that works in areas like the caps/ends, I don't know if ngons are as avoid-like-the-plague as they used to be but I still avoid them like the plague because I find them generally unpredictable for surfacing and animation/posing), and you gennerally want your quads to be as square as possible. Again rectangles aren't things that need to be avoided, squarish quads are just easier to manage.

And I'm severely biased as I build most stuff with potential animation in mind regardless of whether it's going to get animated or not.

What were you looking for a change in, the rendering output? And what kind of change were you expecting?

In the tutorials I saw I always heard that, "there is no right way, there is way that works for you" hahaha

What I was looking for was to see some difference in the render, just to test that I recently updated to version 4

4 is quite nice. Did it work as expected after upgrading?

Well the search for tools changed something, it seems to me that the shiny objects in the render look better, and you can configure the light with the objects, that last one is great, oh I also saw a very simple render engine hahaha.
I haven't noticed anything else. I think I also saw some modeling with nodes, but I don't know how to use it so I don't mess with it XD

Is that the geonodes thing? I was trying to learn that, I'm not smart enough ;-;

Simple render engine? Eevee?

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