Paul Infrasonic - Fuji (Original Track) [Samurai Big Beat / Japanese Orchestral Trap]

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Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to share with you my new piece of music - Fuji. It's a samurai themed track, let's go! 🌸🤺


About Work:

Just a few hours ago I finished working on my new musical composition, and I’m already in a hurry to bring it here and present it to you. To be honest, this is the first time I have created such a symbiosis of styles; before, I did some work where I mixed different musical cultures, but this has never happened before. And so today we will talk about the theme of Asia and modern Big Beat music, the first thing I would like to say and this also came to my mind as soon as I started working and made the first touches is the Samurai theme, oh yes it is close and interesting topic for me, I always enjoy reading quotes from the treatise - Bushido, namely Hagakure “Hidden in the Leaves”. This topic has been one of the most popular for me for many years, the samurai’s code of honor and everything like that, in my opinion, this has a lot of meaning and important things that speak about the traditions and culture of the Samurai. So, when I began to take the first steps in writing this composition, I immediately felt something in it that gave rise to pictures about Samurai in my head, you know about these beautiful places where sakura blooms and Samurai are fighting nearby in the clearing, I will write the word Samurai with a capital letter ok? Thank you. 🙏

I realized that I needed to make something quite strong in sound, something moderately aggressive and at the same time something that would be musical and a little melodic. The main musical instrument was the pipe, as for me there is something in this melody that tells about the martial arts of the Samurai, about their cunning and courage, it’s like a melody that personifies certain traditions, there is also a piano, as well as For me, it more emphasizes the dexterity of the samurai, although the melody is quite static, but it plays throughout the entire track to create dynamics and add rhythm to this composition. There's not much to say about the bass, I made two bass lines, one solid and the other jumpy, also for dynamics and more movement of the sound. Now we move on to perhaps the most important highlight, this is, of course, the rhythmic pattern. I made it aggressive, assertive and tough, oh yes, I interpreted the strength of the Samurai and his character with this, the beat turned out to be very rich, a lot of percussion and interruptions, somewhere it sounds intense, somewhere it subsides, all this seemed to me very characteristic of the theme Samurai. I also made a lot of different additional sounds, including glitches, bass cuts, horn sounds, bell sounds, all kinds of effects. The project turned out to be very rich and capacious, and I am glad that I was able to get such a result. I will say this - this is one of the best pieces of music that I have made recently, this applies to everything, mood and character and quality and many other aspects, of course this is what I like myself, although I don’t often listen to my music, this The track is currently playing on repeat for me. 🙃

This is the story, friends, thank you for listening, I am very glad that I have the honor to present my work here first, since I have not done this on other platforms yet, I wish you a good weekend and a great mood, hugs to everyone, and see you again. Arigato. 🙏

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