Paul Infrasonic - Non Signal (Original Track) [Sad Hip-Hop Instrumental]

in Alien Art Hive β€’ last month (edited)

Hello Dear Hivers, Hello Aliens!

Today I want to share my new music composition in the genre of Sad Hip Hop Instrumental. This is an emotional calm track, let's go! 😌


About Work:

Not so long ago I was dealing with my unfinished projects in sequencer, I had to re-listen to hundreds of different projects and one of them got my attention, I can be forgetful and sometimes I forget about some projects that go down the list, but sometimes I still come back to listen to all the projects carefully so that I don't forget anything, today we'll talk about such a project that got a life. To be honest I was really surprised that such an interesting track was forgotten and almost disappeared if I hadn't checked it out. I remember that I did this track relatively recently, just at the end of last year, but then my work with music was intense and I had to switch my attention to something else, because I write music according to my mood and when I have inspiration to work with music, although I rarely rest and always write music, it's like air for me, I can't do without it. The track we're going to talk about today is a rather sad composition, it's melodic and calm with a great variety of live instruments. The main role was played by the piano part, and it has a piano on the background too, only turned backwards, also yesterday I added violins and small parts of eastern wind instruments to the track also for the background, I diversified the rhythmic pattern a little bit, although it was quite good, made incoming pits in the track, some air effects of transitions and some percussion. Overall I tried to keep the track in the key I found it unconsciously, heh. In a way it even became like a soundtrack to some sad picture or something, all the instruments in the track are live instruments and no synthetics, all in the best tradition. Of course I did not do without my signature reese bass, it created even more depth and density to the track and perfectly fit in just enhancing the harmony of sounds. πŸ‘

In general I'm very happy that I finally got to this track and put it in order, otherwise it could have remained a stump forever and would have been just forgotten and deleted, but it turned out to be a kind of phoenix that rose from the ashes and that makes me happy.

I hope you liked my track, I wish you all the best, have a productive week and a great mood, hugs to all and see you friends, yo! πŸ–πŸ˜‰

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