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Hello dear friends,

How are you? I hope you had a great weekend. It was a busy weekend for me. Since I work during the week, I can clean my house on the weekend. I talk about this situation often. Being a working woman is hard sometimes. I was busy cleaning my house on Saturday. Today I wanted to draw a little. I think I've improved a little bit about drawing. I hope you agree with me.



I became a member of NftShowroom a while ago. I am very interested in drawing. When I was in high school, my art teacher really liked my drawings. And he would say that I should go to an art school. I shared a few of my drawings on NftShowroom. But I guess I'm not very skilled at this. Nft world disappointed me. I didn't sell enough. Drawing with a tablet is both difficult and easy. I'm trying to improve myself more on this.






My new art is called "Pole Dancer". I have a little interest in pole dancing. It's a very interesting dance. That's why I wanted to paint it. I hope you like my new art. I leave the link of my NftShowroom account below. I would be glad if you take a look at my work.



Yay! 🤗
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You should definitely keep doing your art no matter how hard it is to be a woman or how much cleaning needs to get done. You do have some talent and you should push yourself to explore that and develop it further. Have fun and don't get or be discouraged. Art is art and i can tell you love are so just make it and do it. The rest will come in time. =)

I will always continue to make art! :) Now I'm trying to create a style for myself. I believe that I will share much more beautiful things soon. I must admit that I was discouraged for a while. But @hairofmedusa is very encouraging in this regard.

We all get discouraged from time to time. You just gotta keep on keepin' on. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. =)

I will keep on :)

beautiful! I also did pole dance before lockdown :) is an extraordinary sport

I am glad you like it! I haven't tried it yet. But it's true that it piqued my interest. :)

74834755_2581220855305651_4634909357568425984_o (1).jpg

here I am ! :D

WOW! It must be a tough move!

Bravo to continue is very pretty it is true that today technology gives us tools to express even more his art. I love ecency the community encourages us to continue and do more