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9TH FEB 2022 USA! CONFIRMATION FULL VIDEO! BREAKING ..YOUR CRYPTO WILL BE WORTH NOTHING! Usa making moves to be the front runner in the digital migration for the 4th industrial revolution. Emergency meeting held to discuss who will regulate and add value to the crypto and who will regulate other digital assets which also hold online value.

USA wish for the digital dollar to remain strong like the British Pound which would leave your bitcoin losing value as they would make it worthless! Pay attention to the WHOLE VIDEO - Watching 5 minutes you will leave nothing and still be in the DARK ...Start paying attention. Do you ⁣want to support our channel share the videos its FREE! Download an reupload on your own channels more people might see them and wake up!

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These vampires can never have enough blood . When will they just LEAVE US ALONE?!!!

HOlyyyyy sheeeeeiiiittttt ... @1:26:27 ... The VAMPIRE is setting the stage for a power-grid failure to blame it on bitcoin-mining. When these PARASITES pull the plug, they're going to blame it on EVERYONE but themselves or their crony friends. SICK!!!

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