Bluff Of The Decade | New 'Heroes' Are Already Waiting [Part 3]

So what if corona was just a hoax perpetrated on humanity in order to prepare the stage for the eventual public teardown of all established institutions in the current power structure? This is the final part for this little miniseries, if you want to catch up on the basis for what follows here check out the links to part 1 and 2 above.


If a complete public teardown of all those institutions and governments, of all media and corporations who pushed the corona narrative on humanity really were to happen, we might ask what institution is actually left afterwards? What institution hasn't taken part in the mass scare these past two years? Is there anybody with rank and name in the public arena who has never outright pushed vaccines and this medical dystopia on the public?

Well, it certainly isn't the governments of the west - they have unanimously pushed this hoax onto their own constituents without mercy or reason. It certainly isn't schools, universities, hospitals and other public institutions of the government either, they all went along with it without question, breaking their public oaths to enable unbiased education and to do no harm.

Neither is it companies like google (youtube) and facebook, who have taken immense efforts in order to censor corona critical pages and videos, citing it as "misleading medical advice" or "harmful content". They are culpable, fully and utterly and everybody will see it once the curtain falls.

But then, it really isn't the catholic church either, from what I saw they accepted this new narrative for the most part and took part in enforcing it just like all the other system whores in this list.

It isn't supermarket chains who demanded their customers inhale their own CO2, it isn't certain swedish furniture houses who would only let you enter if you could show a proof of vaccination.

The united nations? Nope, they and their WHO forced this on everybody by "recommending" these steps to the governments of their members. Same goes for the European Union at large.

How about prestigious schools out there like world renowned universities? Corona measures on campus have proven them to be part of the hoax as well.

Bill Gates? No comment needed. If there ever was a poster child for the corona craze he would be on top of that list.

If we think about it there is hardly any outlet or established institution out there that hasn't pushed this on everyone, and rightly so because they all intertwine and interrelate. Most if not all of these mentioned players have either long ceased to be independent or have never been independent from the power structure to begin with. And in this scenario I am outlining here, all of these players will be denounced publicly and dismantled. A bold statement but since nobody can know the future, and this is just one potential scenario, might as well write about it today.

So after all is said and done, who is left? Who will people turn to and demand action from in order to restructure everything in a "saner" manner? Where will people's faith and trust flow to when all the former players have been exposed to the world? Who will be the new mass influencers?

The ones that have been prepared for such a role for years now, who have been groomed to be the perfect representatives for the new system structure.

They will be representatives of different disciplines of the human endeavor, and will all have been in the public eye long enough for the public to fall back on as last resort when all the "official" sources have become untrustworthy. These mew heroes will be the only ones the people will feel they can delegate their trust to, short of starting to solely trusting themselves.

Trusting oneself will (like today) also be completely avoided in the scenario I see coming because trusting oneself means stopping to delegate own own authority. And a power structure can't have that. The power structure needs their public heroes out there to influence those who might otherwise wake up fully.

How about some examples we might already discern today?

I could name a few of these popular "trustworthy" candidates and it will sure piss many people off, so here we go.

I see Elon Musk as one of the big ones.

People just loooooove Elon Musk. And what he publically stands for. He seems to be independent to most - even though he is nothing of the sort - and he enjoys a public image of damn-near-genius for all his "marvelous" inventions and his success. But more important than that, I feel his public renown has not been harmed by this corona fad, likely because he has never been utilized publically to push that narrative. Kids and sci-fi-crazed adults just love the man and the dreams he conjures up in people, and so he surely is one of those who will have a tremendously large impact when the old structures crumble. Just a guess, but I feel a good one.

Who else?

Neil deGrasse Tyson as one of the most gutwrenching examples for a publically celebrated hero who is a conman ultimately. He will be instrumental, like he has been and I feel he will continue to play a major part in shaping people's worldview and expectation.

I have long suspected Jor Rogan would play a part in this restructuring. He has massive followers and even the questionable siding with spotify has not stopped most people from taking his show seriously. Have there been great interviews on there? For sure. Is it all trash? Nope! Is the format a welcome change to short, strict and cut interviews in media land? Totally.

But really if we see how much influence the Joe Rogan podcast has on people, how the show regularly features public quasi "rockstars" of our age and how much information shared on there is actually promoting the exact type of worldview this whole development will bring about as the new system basis then it is fair to assume Joe will continue to play an essential role in the new public relations discipline for the corona aftermath. Just another guess on my part of course.

How about the spiritually inclined people? Those who are starting to wake up to the detrimental and soulless program they have grown up under these past years and decades? Who could be useful to be a representative hero for the people interested in enlightenment and the spirit?


Now I have heard many sensible things from that man but at the same time there are many claims he makes that are questionable at best, often leading one into a spiritual direction that may not be in people's best interest. The man is powerful because so many listen to him like he was some sort of... guru. A spiritual authority that knows better than you what is best for you. Who will give you instructions where to go, what to do and how to go about it when you have given up on your own discernment and finding your spiritual path on your own. If Sadhguru tells you he is going to build a Lingam in a new temple that will help transform humanity, how many of his countless young followers would be willing to help? Probably most. And like in a cult it might be quite hard to see through the manipulation one is fed along with many factual and actual insights into life as a human. Separating the two is always difficult if one gets to hear it all at once from the same source.

And then the closeness to the UN is already somewhat hair-raising today ;)

I am sure there will be a few dozen more significantly influential public figures who already have their large following today and who have become curiously rockstar'ish in their public reputation. The quasi-rebels who never really rock the boat fundamentally. Be it Jordan Peterson or Sam Harris, the list is probably way longer than I can conceive of.

May I be wrong? YES! Is it unfair to name them all here in one fell swoop. Kinda, maybe not. My question is:

What do all of these "heroes" have in common?

They have been promoted by the system for years, either via manufacturing their public reputation through favorable articles, shows and interviews or indirectly through companies like youtube (google) who have suggested them to their viewers without shame.

I have yet to find anyone who hasn't heard of Sadhguru and only stumbled upon the man because youtube suggested you watch his shit. Same with Peterson, Rogan, Tyson - really all of them.

They also have in common that - to my rudimentary knowledge - they have never directly become a part of the corona vaccination hoax. Yes they may have answered questions in an indirect way and may not have called corona a lie publically, but companies like Tesla really have no apparent reason to comment on the corona situation or what people ought and ought not to be doing. And that is plausible to most because Tesla has nothing to do with medicine.

Same with Sadhguru.

He will have gotten a thousand questions about "this difficult time we are living" in and for a clever guru type leader it would be rather easy to answer benignly without ever directly supporting the hoax. People call this spiritual mumbo-jumbo or wishy-washy answers, but it has the advantage for the conman of never getting into a position where he is publically seen to be part of the same gang as all the corona hoax supporters are. The supporters that will be dethrowned once the curtain falls. I feel Sadhguru will not be dragged down with them...


I better stop here, but there will be a final and fourth part to this future scenario. And that will consist not of the representatives for what is to come but rather the public creed that will be essential to setting up the new system for all those who still haven't seen through it.

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The truth is out there. All one has to do is just look for it. Most people don't care to look.

All these replacements you mention, are merely front men for the shady people that run the show. If they have any connection to gov, religion or are otherwise famous.. forget about it. They are allowed to be famous, or allowed to hold positions of stature for a reason.

All the things you stated in your previous posts are coming to pass, unfortunately. There will be no going back. It's a scam. A very long con.

Living with the fallout of this grand deception is not going to be fun, or easy. Time will tell.

It might not be easy but going our own way seems more important than ever. I fully agree, these famous people are anything but independent, and if the system structure is dismantled publically (which would be such a wild show for sure) the public will turn to their heroes to tell them what to do. So nothing fundamentally has changed until people start trusting themselves more than any external authority.
Thanks for your comment, I hope you are well in these mad times!

People are so easily led these days, it's crazy. Self reliance has been bred out it seems.

Thanks my friend, I am doing okay for the most part. Likewise... you take care out there and mind the zombies. :D

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I'm fully on the same page, especially with elon musk, that gormless twat has been built up large

He will be instrumental in further detaching people from their natural and actual surroundings. Empty promises about some shady future prospect living on mars and such.
I missed reading your stuff, once I got some battery power back I want to catch up a bit on your end. I need my fill of real life comedy. Much love dude

FYI, I have never heard of Sadhguru until this post. I studiously avoid enemedia, so perhaps that is why. I would submit another name for your list: Russel Brand. He has remanufactured himself to distance him from his roots in Lucis Trust derived institutions lately, to much acclaim.


Ahahaha you are so RIGHT! How could I forget Russel Brand?! Youtube has been audaciously pushing the man on me for years now. Seems like he fills a similar role to Joe Rogan, only more "spiritual". Kind of like a bridge between Rogan and Sadhguru. There need to be heroes for all shades of indoctrination I guess.
I have a feeling I have forgotten to list most names that will become super relevant in the times to come if any of this scenario turns out to be the case.
My gratitude for your attention once more.

Hey man, tudo bem? It has been ages since I've seen you or Ana post. I hope you're well and am curious about your current location and past adventures.

Big hug from Portugal!

hey! i miss you over here! ;)

Great initiative

not sure what exactly you are referring to. The initiative of mentioning this scenario before it happens or the initiative of swapping the system heroes before the old structure is demolished.
Either way, thanks for stopping by,