Double Date - a 5 minute Free Write - prompt "Ready"

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"Are ya ready?"

'Sure I was born ready....'

"Stop the shite talk now for a second, are ya actually right, you are?"

'Sure amn't I standing here?'

"You are I suppose. You don't look too convincing though, with the big sour head on you. No second thoughts now and you're to be on your best behaviour. Do you hear me?"

'Yes, your majesty.'

"No need to be a smart arse now either!"

In all the hours that have ever passed since time began, perhaps none passed as slowly as the three that unfolded that evening. They said their goodbyes, one couple exchanged numbers and a little kiss. The others did not. As they walked away the conversation started once more.

'Well that went well I thought.'

"Well? WELL! You asked her what age she was. You then questioned her answer. Next of all you asked her had she ever been to Weight Watchers!? Then you proceeded to eat all around you and asked her to pay three quarters of the bill, as you reckoned she drank more! I'll give you Well!"

'I was playing hard to get'

"You were playing hard to not get slap in the head more like you absolute gowl!"

Five Minute Free Writes

I am back doing these Free writes again, and I must say that I am really enjoying them and can remember now why I used to do them most days in the early days when I first joined.

When I first arrived on Hive or the previous chain, I would often struggle for ideas on what to write about, and there were two writing initiatives that really helped - one was called #fiftywords where you could use only fifty words to tell a story about a prompt word and the other was #freewrite which basically sets a challenge of writing a mini story within 5 minutes. I regularly took part in both, and people like @mariannewest and and loads of other brilliant people, so every now and then I see a post from @mariannewest and think to myself, go and do a freewrite. I hope to continue to pop in every now and then to say hello.

Maybe you've never heard of the freewrites yourself, and if that is the case, I'd encourage you to have a go, read about todays prompt and how to enter below and above all else mind yourself and have a great day - smile, rub a dog, help a stranger and just be a nice human.

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Peace out.

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That was fun! And it is always great to see you in the Freewrite community :)

Thanks a lot, you've always got to remember where you came from and the Freewrites were great for me in the early days.

I once had a date ask if I'd ever thought of getting a makeover!

Ha ha ha, you're shitting me!! That's like something from a sitcom, what a dick!

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Thanks a million @ewkaw and @qurator - as always, I really appreciate the support.