A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.

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What do I see?: I see two planets close to each other and a gateway. The one that looks like the earth has sunshine shining through the gateway and a young girl standing between the gateway.

What do I feel?
I feel that the young girl wants to make a step into an unknown planet as she considers her next move.

Rachel has always enjoyed the serenity of her world, a place filled with goodies and happiness. She has never known any other place but this beautiful world of hers.

With lush green vegetation, fruits and animal life to balance the equation,she does not even feel the urge to explore and discover hidden places. Her parents were even overprotective of her, she is seen as a queen; a paragon of beauty that must always be cared for and protected.

One day, she observed some strange noise from her window. At first, she does not even feel the urge to step out of her cozy room and observe this strange and whence it comes from. But when it became persistent, she had no other choice but to stand up and watch.

Once on her feet, she observed that the rays of the sun pierced through her window and shone on her directly. At first, she attempted to resist the rays by placing her hands before her forehead. But that was just a child's play as the rays, which appears to have some magical powers dragged her towards the door and let her into a lonely path.

Like an obedient child she followed. In a.matter of minutes she saw herself well taken away from her world and being directed to step into an unknown planet. She became afraid. Standing on the gateway the sun rays kept pouring on her.

The unknown planet looks desolate with little or not life associated with it. She stood at the gateway, placing her hand on one of its sides and contemplates further. Should I take the bold step and walk into this uncharted territory or should I simply resist the urge and go back to my cozy world, she kept asking herself.

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Go! Rachel Go!!
The fear of the unknown most times hamper the plans of destiny.

You are right. She may well find out that it is one.of the best decision she has ever made.

It's courageous of Rachel to follow the light to somewhere unknown. And her contemplation as she deigns to live her old world to somewhere desolate shows her ability to take risks. Nice.

I like courageous, not spineless people who are not ready to take risks because as a matter of fact, without adventure and risk, the World would have been a very boring place, no scientific discoveries, no technological innovations and advancements.

You are right. Sometimes those uncharted territories we fear may turn out to be the real deal...a blessing in disguise. Thanks for your lovely 🌹 comment. I appreciate.

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The question is... If she takes that step is there a way back?

Thank you for joining pic1000. 👍

That's just it. But I hope there should be anyway.

Oh! Will Rachael leave her cozy world, to know what exactly is in store for her. The bold Rachael should decide.