True Identity

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Every human being is born to have a desire. From a sense of desire, of course, more inclined to desire than anything good. Then speaking of causes, effects or problems, or disasters it is only a decision.

From the form of desire, the most enormous is the desire to appear better or be seen as better. So that sometimes we issue something that is in fact very forced or even makes it seem as if it is not in accordance with our true identity. Forcing to be seen based on other people's views, not why the desire is present.


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Whereas in the view of others, what sometimes we think is acceptable, is not necessarily acceptable in reality. Maybe it's related to lust and thought in the end, although sometimes it's actually created not necessarily based on lust. Because sometimes because of environmental factors, we don't want to be left behind, join in, or just do things that we ourselves think are futile.

We are born to be real or what we are not to be perfect. Because perfection belongs only to God, and humans certainly have flaws. For example, in terms of making actual writing or articles, it is an easy thing even though it is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. But in writing, if our form, discussion, or habits are what we usually do, of course, it will be easier than trying something that is not in the corridor or field that is mastered.
Of course, it will be more difficult than following what we are used to and are good at.


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That's just one example compared to the various other things that can be discussed. Especially when we talk about the desire for existence to have something that is actually far from our actual condition.

Not to weaken the word effort, or try. If it is associated with that word, of course, it has a different meaning in terms of desires or dreams. Because anyone is also free to have desires or dreams, aligning the existence of words is not forced or excessive. Because the result is only troublesome and possibly bad in the end. Adjustment is more determined by the existence of desire, if you want something it is adjusted to the level of condition, effort, and self-awareness, not because of the pursuit of views or revenge problems.

We as humans try to put everything in its place, if it is not in its place, it will certainly be very inappropriate, right? The nature of our existence is born, the problems that have been destined and have been worked on will certainly get answers from all that is done. We certainly want to be born as the best human beings, but in reality, we live what we have to live. And that is an absolute consequence that cannot be forced. Are there poor people who want to be born poor? Everything has a corridor and is adjusted to the existence desired by the Creator. Imagine if everyone was rich, where would humans be able to give alms or share?


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Being real is not about being perfect. Those who are finally willing and able to accept the existence of identity created by the Creator and hopefully can be useful for those around us.

Did they are coming for us or did we come for them? Of course, the answer is no, both are not, because if you think about it properly and correctly, it will be adjusted in advance to the existence of the condition. But if it is explored better, it can be done both if we really have good intentions and can provide a better existence for others.