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RE: Weekend Freewrite -6/6/2020 - Single Prompt Option

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I haven't had the chance to do a Freewrite in ages lol I have been inspiring myself from them though when giving the kids some English exercises to do. I give them a prompt for them to write creatively with in English for practice. English is their second language. They're getting pretty good at it. I correct their grammar and all. Sometimes I tell them to teach me a grammar lesson, it certainly helps them learn it more.

I'll have to go check my Witnesses. It's really a shame to see some people who complained about bullying and control on Steemit before migrating to Hive, do the very same to others here. It's something that I don't appreciate, I find hypocritical and has soured my enthusiasm regarding Hive as a whole. I post on both platforms too.


I am so happy that you are doing freewrite exercises with the kids!!
It really is the best way to learn and to get better.
And yes, it is the same people that run Hive that have made Steem not a happy place for many.
I have stopped seeing either place as a true opportunity to lift people out of poverty or even as a place for free speech a long time ago. That is what is being said over and over again, but in the end, it is the playground of a boy's club of sorts.
As long as we know what we are dealing with - all is good.

So true.

I was telling Frank that it's a bit like a click sometimes. One side is bitching about the other, and they get mad at you for "being friends" with the other side. "Come to our side, it's better." It's a shame because I used to be involved so much in so many communities for so many projects. Now I'm involved with only select things, and I'm focusing on getting what I do out there, as opposed to trying to be part of something for recognition that will never come. I've learnt to let go, of sorts.