Even if you don't want me to

in Freewriters6 months ago


Even if you don't want me to
and the whole world imposes itself
I keep thinking about you.
One more night is passing...
as I close my eyes I feel
that you're kissing me.
And that sound that you had me used to
I'm still bothered by it.
It starts at my lips and goes all the way down to my chest,
I feel you breathing so close
of me that I'm trembling.
I remember that night we counted the stars.
You from your window...me from that place
where the night dies and the mornings are born.
The infinite sky there I search for your love
like a bird that flies the skies without forgetting its abode.
I remember your voice telling me I want to place
a star in your hair,
that is as beautiful as your gaze.
From my window the rain wets my face
and my heart almost stops
because I'm still in love with you...
And so I keep on thinking about you...