Daily Thought Log: Family Strength

Daily Thoughts Log


Some goals I am setting for myself this new year are all about building a strong family. Family to me is not blood, rather the people who align with the values I have learned in my life to be important to me. Since I'm at odds with my bloodborne family I hope in my life to change that in my lineage. I hope that my children all have a strong bond with the family I create for them.

We're all castaways in need of a rope. There's so much more to life than we've been told and the farther along we go the more we'll know all about it. The farther along the more we understand why. Even when we fall we must get back up. These are the times when setting a goal will provide the necessary light in one's life, when we learn what motivates us.

The Passenger

I think I wrote about this before but I often feel that we are just passengers in this life. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. People suffer so others don't have to and others prosper so that they can teach others how to become better humans. This is the nature of life and everyone feels that they are special. I have learned though that nothing bad will happen forever, that is unless you allow for it to continue a certain way.

Being a passenger just means don't let the lows bring you down because there will be highs again you just have to believe it in your heart.

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What I Hope To Achieve

I hope to achieve one thing and one thing only and that is to build a strong family. A foundation that is as strong as the rock of love I have for my son. I hope to have more children because of how much I love my son. I wish for him to have siblings to teach and I hope it will be almost as rewarding to him as it is for me being his father.

I learned through experience that this is what I want. There was a time I didn't think I'd survive but I did and in that time all I thought about was family. I wish I could say good things about some of my family, but no body and no family is perfect. There is division just like we as a country seem to be divided by our beliefs.


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I hope you achieve your goals. I had hoped and prayed that my children would be close, My brother sister and myself were distant for much of our adult lives but we have reunited again. My children, unfortunately, do not have a tight bond with one another. My oldest child, my daughter is at complete odds with me and will not speak to me. We as parents can only love them and guide them in the best direction that we know how to do. Best wishes for the new year!

thank you for reading my post! I hope to have a strong bond with my son. It's ok, no family is perfect. My brothers don't even call my mom on Christmas. But, that's what I hope to change by teaching my son better values.

You're welcome! Have a great night.

I hope that all your dreams come true. As you said no families are perfect yet we try to do our best to remain happy. Bless you