Daily Thoughts Log: Challenges

In my life I have faced many challenges but somehow I always seem to get through it and become a better person in the end. The challenge I faced with my health was an eye opening experience that I do not regret. I don't regret anything in life because I am proud of the man I have become. I also learned a lot about myself, my mind and my body that will forever stay with me so that I become a better human.

I often times have wondered why I am tested so much by the lord. I know that life is not fair and everyone thinks they have a rough life. At least I haven't met someone who doesn't try to relate with much of the trauma I have been through. For me I always try to find the silver lining in things and not dwell on fairness.

My Heart

I always say that I wear my heart on my sleeves and personally I think this is one of my greatest qualities. I love a little to much sometimes but I absolutely love my Mom and my son unconditionally. These two people have pulled me through the toughest times and given me so much hope along the way. I will forever cherish my relationship with both my mother and son.

I used to think family was my brothers but they have betrayed my trust and a piece of me died with the fallout with them, but I believe it is for the best. It's hard for me to move on from them, I had so much hope that our children would consider themselves friends and family but now I realize that the family I create is through my brotherhoods I have formed in my life are what I need to focus on.

Even though I have been out of touch with many of my friends I hope they know I'm chasing a dream to provide my son the best life ever. It will certainly include visiting my closest friends, Shane, both Alex's and Colin because these are the closest brothers I have come to know.

I have also met some really cool people on Hive but I'm losing interest in Hive because it's seems stale. Now I intend to use this platform for my thoughts I have each day so that one day my son has a record of the man I am, as opposed to what he may be told about these challenging times.

Great Days Are Ahead

Now that I am healthy again I know great days are just right around the corner. I've been having incredible moments with my 4 year old son Owen and I can't wait to make more and better memories with him. I can't wait to continue the comic book series I had with him and make him laugh. I am truly blessed for having such an amazing healthy little boy.

Happy New Year Hivers!


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Great pictures, enjoy a lot with your cutie, hugs 🙂