I've fallen and I can't get up - bathroom edition

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I spent the early evening on the bathroom floor today. Maybe it was about 3 hours I was lying there.

And then midnight to 6:30 am I was stuck on the toilet unable to get off of it. I was too weak to even be able to fall off.

This is mostly because I am so weak now, but also because the toilet is so low. It has always been a challenge for me, but today is the first (and second) catastrophe.

The toilet is low by Western standards, but high for SE Asia. My knees are about 4 inches higher than my hips when I am sitting there. This configuration is why it is hard for me to get up.

I ended up on the floor when I tried to get up and fell. I did not hurt myself in the fall, Praise God, but I could not find a way up. I would try something, fail, and then lie back down again and think.

After about 3 hours, a husband and wife who live here came home and helped me up.

At this point I thought that the problem was my slippery shower shoes. After a rest, I went back with better shoes, but as soon as I tried to get up, I couldn't.

So I spent the night on the toilet until one of the girls that lives here came down for work. She went and got another man who lives here, and they both picked me up.

As soon as they let go, down I fell again. My legs just gave out after sitting on the toilet so long.

So they got me up again, and the man walked me to my bed. This is where I will be for the foreseeable future.

The wonderful soundproofing of this condo is why no one heard me screaming for help when I did. Usually I like the lack of tenant noise, but today it was not my friend.

I will not be using the toilet any time soon. I will have to get creative in some way. I think one of those high seats you can add to the toilet seat might help. Those are very expensive and so it would be great if someone I know here in Kuala Lumpur has one they are not using. You never know.

My post today is for the daily freewrite by @mariannewest. Today's prompt words are "you need help" and yes, I surely do.


Lucky for me, I do get a lot of help, and only wish I could do more for others.

Right before this all started, I was feeling better and ready to work for a few hours. Now I feel exhausted and will try to sleep. Hopefully when I wake up, I will feel better again. Maybe this will be a passing anomaly and I will continue to heal from edema.

I'm still on the phone and my computer should be back from the shop by Friday. I am not answering many comments with this dumb and slow phone, but I read them all and I am so grateful for all of you.

My photo for this post is showing the worst of my legs from a few days ago. I'm WAY less inflamed now and feel my showering off the gunk strategy is working. You can read about this strategy in detail on my recent @fitinfunfood posts if you are interested.

Yes, this strategy is exhausting, and true it is not easy. Now I guess it is making me weak as a tick. But anything that gets this edema fluid out of me, is what I will try.

Praying, praying, praying...


Sorry to hear about everything. Get well soon.

TY @rehan12. Doing my best :)

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Get well soon 🙏

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TY so much. I will not give up.

Dayum 🙁 feel better soon!

Yeah - this is pretty spectacular, even for me, lol. TY so much for all of your continued support. I really appreciate it.

Oh, my God! It's too bad you're sick. I pray you get better and get well soon. May a gentle breeze of healing wave over your body and heal its imperfections. Strength, @fitinfun!

TY so much for the support and lovely prayer. This means so much to me today

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I am so saddened to hear you are still struggling with this!
I thought of the toilet seat extender too. They add four inches. Maybe that will be exactly what you need. Or a walker to lift yourself up on and give support while you're up?

I'm here to deliver the Tuesday prompt so please write us another!


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I'm remembering that nursing homes in the us would lend all kinds of equipment. They have it in storerooms unused. This is from my days of doing homecare for people like me, lol.

I slept all day and now at 3 am, l am a bit stiff,weak, shakey, sore,and very dehydrated.

But my legs are not leaking as much! Counting my blessings :)

TY for the prompt. Hopefully I will have my laptop back next week and can do mine again.

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What a disaster. It happened to me several times and once on the floor I need time to recover and think how to stand up, get back on my feet. My children once tried but that didn't work out well.

I do not know what low or normal is for Western norms... There are low and high toilets mine is 16" high. I guess it all depends too on your body length (I am 5.77 feet).

I wish I had a higher one but only my sink is higher and my kitchen and washing machine are.

If you have a low sink you can use it to pee and one of my foster children had a piece of wood on the toilet to sit on. I think you need some handles or something else to be able to grant and stand up too. Perhaps a chair or... Which you can grab and push yourself up?

Once on the floor and taking a break I crawled whole the way to my bedroom and after the next break I pulled myself up - in some way - at the bed. 🤐

I wish you strength and good neighbors/help.
!trdo 💕

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Thank you good to hear it worked. 👍🏻

So sorry Sharon this is happening to you. Sent a little Steem (SBD) love to help out :)

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Good to hear it worked. Thank you for the message. 👍

Hope you're feeling better. And I sincerely hope you get over this edema soon.

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