Keeping all of it straight, or at least pretending

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My freewrite yesterday took over one hour to post with this mobile phone. Let's see if I can do better than that today.

"Keeping it straight" is our prompt from @mariannewest. I will try.

I am about as mixed up as I have ever been in my life now. I am still staying off my feet and lying down for most of the time. Weeks of this is wearing on me, but I think it is helping me heal.

Until this leaking from my legs is gone, I cannot do much of anything.

This morning I woke up feeling kind of good with out leaking. But now I am very swollen up again and the fluid is free flowing. After posting this I will get my feet up again.

I just took the diuretic and pain killers an hour ago. This helps, but not in keeping a clear head.

Just keep going.

Steem is up, so yay. All of us little fish who kept up in the times of low prices now get the benefit. This is the time to keep going with our good habits. The stragglers coming back now have to start all over again. We just need to continue.

I love you all and miss you since I can barely function on this phone. It will be at least a week for the computer to get fixed. Someone will take it for me this weekend. Praying for a great result with that.

My photo is from the airport in Kuala Lumpur last week. It has some straight lines in it to stay on theme, lol. Sure glad that trip is done and I got my 90 days to stay in Malaysia. Now to use them productively.


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(might be worth reading the two previous posts, also - so you understand what I'm experimenting in) lol

Steem is going down too and Tron is even worth less. I hadn't expect that.

I need 1-4 hours to write and post too. You can try to find a way to lay down and write. I mainly do it that way unless my bedroom is too cold like it is now.
Strength for you and love 💕

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Some do take care and get well soon Sharon!

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