Yippeeeee! It's the start of a brand new week! That means it is time for... #ZapFicMonday, week 40! Write me a story using 240 characters or less!

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Hey there ZapFicers!

Did you have a great weekend?

It is the start of an exciting new week so that must mean it is time for…

ZapFic Monday - week 40!!!

The return of the original ZapFic contest

You have 3 days (until Thursday 23h59 GMT) to post a Zapfic (a story written in 240 characters or less) using the prompt given.

Please note it is a story with 240 characters (letters, full stops, spaces, etc) NOT words!

All valid posts will be upvoted and reblogged by @felt.buzz and @Zapfic.Club and upvoted by the @freewritehouse.

Three winners will be chosen on Friday, each will get 1 Hive SBI share.


Please post to the Freewriters Community.

Please post a link to your entry in the comments section of this post

Please use #freewritehouse and #zapfic tags.

YOU MUST use a word/character counter (if you search for word counter on the internet or in your phone's app store you will get a big choice!) wordcounter.net and include a screenshot. Entries without a screenshot will NOT be valid

Please use the prompt provided as you see fit (use your imagination)

Try to tell a complete story if you can!

The story should only be 240 characters long (including spaces)

Prompt: “team"

The winners will be announced by the @zapfic.club on Friday


Good luck ZapFicers!


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Hello, this is my entry for the zapfic Monday 40. Greetings for everyone.

zapfic 40.png

Here's my entry for this week's ZapFicMonday. Hope you enjoy reading it 😊.


Thanks admin for this wonderful push.
Here is link to my post

Haven't done one of these in a while. 🙂 Hope everyone is doing well.

entry: https://peakd.com/hive-161155/@grocko/theres-no-i-in-team-or-zapfic


Thank you so much @freewritehouse for such amazing prompt. Here is my entry
if everyone is moving forward together, then success take care of itself. https://peakd.com/hive-161155/@crazywrites6/team-prompt-in-240-characters


Hello friends, here is my entry. Thanks for reading!

Hi all, here is my entry. Thank you for reading.



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Here's my entry @iammmema/zapfic-monday-The-prompt-"team"

Hello everyone! Here's my story for this prompt--

Hello, my friends. This is the link to my entry👇

Thank you for visiting my blog.