My Five Minutes of Free Writing #64 / ball winder

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Dear friends, when I read today's proposal, immediately there are two things that jump to my mind quickly, and that is that each proposal is meant to inspire a free writing, if it is not so please someone correct me.

Now, I think of two things, the first is the dung beetle and secondly my son Jeremi if I have to talk about a ball winder, I must mention them and that is what I am going to do in this post.

In the case of the dung beetle, it feeds on the feces of herbivorous animals, this animal can sniff the feces of herbivores and to transport its booty it rolls portions of it until it forms a ball that can weigh up to 200 times more than itself.

The thing is that these balls of feces that the beetle rolls and drags are not only the source of its food and its daily life, it also uses them to create its house, live in it and lay its eggs so that its larvae can develop and when they are ready they come out of there.

If we have to talk about a champion ball roller the dung beetle has one of the top spots.

Now, you should meet my son Jeremi. This young man in the absence of a ball or lack of budget to buy one he does not complicate his life, he is able to make a ball of any material, that's why in our house there are balls rolling in the yard of almost any material.

Jeremi rolls balls from plastic bags, cloth, cardboard, he is able to use thread. The socks in the house have to be stored well because they are one of his favorite materials to make a ball, the bags from the market and even the thread to bake.

In my opinion, these two characters are specialists in the art of rolling up a ball.

Let me know what you think!


Well, the truth is these 2 words "ball winder" do not cease to amaze me, I did not know what they meant until I looked for it to be amazed.

My mind also flew, and I thought of a device to practice baseball.

And a good initiative from your son, making balls with any material to entertain himself.

Hello friend, thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, I met these animals in the Amazon jungle when I worked for a while as a miner, there I saw them for the first time and then I did more research on the Internet.

My son is special, at this moment he is using the plastic bags of groceries, pasta, rice, sugar and corn flour to make his balls hahaha he is very ingenious.

Greetings and blessings.