Between Heaven and Earth - 5 Minute #freewrite - Prompt 'Ten Bugs To Eat'

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Between Heaven and Earth

Richard slipped out of bed, strutted in silence out his front door and over to the ancient gum tree where he could watch the eastern sky.

Stars twinkled a cheery hello to him from their inky velvet darkness. A barn owl eyed him curiously.

Richard took up his usual position atop a fence post, breathed in a deep chest-puffing breath of icy night air, threw back his head and let out three of the loudest cock-a-DOO-DOODLE-DOOs you ever heard!

On the first “cock-a-DOO-DOODLE-DOOOO” a slight glow appeared in the sky just above the horizon.

On the second “cock-a-DOO-DOODLE-DOOOO” a golden beam of light unfurled its radiance across the darkness, quickly followed by another shining beam and then another and another.

On the third “cock-a-DOO-DOODLE-DOOOO” a glowing ball of fire-the Sun- slid up from behind the distant mountains, illuminating the sky in a mystical swirl of sherbet colors- strawberry red, orange, cherry, peach and mango-blush.

“Good morning Sun!” Richard clucked.

“Good morning Richard”, Sun shimmered back.

“Sun…” Richard mused, “…did you know that the reason dawn gives you the shivers is because it is the time when the distance between Heaven and Earth is at its closest?”

Sun nodded, bathing Richard in the warmth of her light.

Feeling satisfied, Richard bowed low to Sun and alighted his fence post altar.

He strutted back through the rising mist and dew-sprinkled grass to Coop Cottage for his favorite breakfast of porridge topped with ten squished bugs.


Daily 5 minute #freewrite, prompt provided by @mariannewest


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That was a delightful tale! Although ten squished bugs would not suit me, it sounds perfect for Richard and your descriptions were very visual.

Thank you @wandrnrose7 - it is great to create a Visual Picture just with words

I agree. Thank you for sharing yours!

Awe. A rooster!! Mine does starts greeting the sun way before there is a sign :)
Beautiful sunrise description!

Thanks for your encouragement @mariannewest I love the color of sunrises