In the silence of the night

in Freewriters7 months ago


Your cruel, voracious lips devour me
silently into the darkness of the room,
while I'm asleep. Your gentle touch
awakens me, gives me the thrills.

This ain't a regular romance
where the bride and groom dance
and live happily ever after.
Not even close! Not a chance!

I know for sure this secret bromance
awakens no delight, these early meetings
will end up in a huge nasty fight!
Each one for his life! Fight or flight!

So far, you lead the game: I feel you
but you're no where in sight;
you're better camouflaged than
a sniper in kaki pants, a ninja in disguise.

You rise out of the blue,
a shadow from nowhere,
a warrior riding my sheets like no other,
despite the fact you haven't been invited.

How have our worlds collided
since you were never invited?

The early morning foreplay,
the chase and hustle through the bed,
your secret nature and invisible caress,
the way you climb through my bedsheets,

relentlessly crawling layer after layer,
and sneak under my night dress,
addicted to my smell and skin,
anxiously waiting to sink your teeth

into my flesh and lavishly feed upon
my warm blood; hungry as a wolf
feasting on its prey -your monstrous
lips, a picture I've never ever seen!

Your insatiable lust for blood makes me toss
and turn in bed, it haunts me in my dreams,
you keep my mind awake at night; now I get
why others speak of you with fright.

The marks you leave upon my feet and thighs,
as you ascend from ankles to my chest,
reminders of your lust and passion for my blood,
you bite and sink into my skin like no one else before

You dare to return and risk to dehydrate to death
cause you can't stay away from me for too long,
lured by my perfume, guided by my breath,
you're much braver than anyone I've ever met.

At dawn, you're gone and all that's left behind
are small red blood stains upon my satin sheets
and a sweet smell that I can't get out of my head.
I'm stuck with it! How did our paths get twined?

The way you remorseless vanish, no goodbyes,
not a single nod, wave or tear shed,
no worries, I won't cry for you
I won't miss living out of a plastic bag
for another half year, you f.... bedbug!