No bargain - Original poem

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In the twilight's hush, where shadows dance,
A weary old woman stood, lost in a trance.
Her hair like silver, her eyes deep with age,
She wandered the path, a soul trapped in a cage.

The Devil appeared, with a smile so sly,
His presence imposing, his intentions awry.
He whispered with honeyed words in her ear,
Promising youth, fame, and powers so clear.

"Dear old woman," the Devil spoke with allure,
"I offer you a chance, a bargain so pure.
Endless youth shall be yours, with vibrant grace,
Fame and fortune, all the world to embrace."

She paused for a moment, her heart in a bind,
The allure of youth and power, hard to leave behind.
But deep in her soul, a flicker of light,
The voice of her conscience, a beacon so bright.

"Tell me, Devil," she asked, her voice resolute,
"What price shall I pay, what shall I contribute?
To regain my youth, my glory, and might,
Shall I abandon my faith, forsake what is right?"

The Devil grinned wickedly, his eyes glowing red,
"Your soul, dear woman, is what I seek," he said.
"Betray your God, cast aside your belief,
Embrace the darkness, find solace in grief."

The old woman pondered, her heart torn in two,
The weight of her decision, a burden she knew.
Her mind filled with memories, of love and of grace,
Of a life lived with purpose, a familiar embrace.

She raised her head high, her voice filled with strength,
"No, Devil, I'll not trade my soul at any length.
For youth without wisdom is a hollow facade,
And fame without virtue is a life deeply flawed."

With resolve in her eyes, she faced the abyss,
Defying the Devil's offer, dismissing his kiss.
For in her aged heart, she found a new might,
To cherish each moment, to savor each night.

She walked away, with a smile on her face,
Leaving the Devil to ponder her grace.
Her steps grew lighter, her spirit now free,
Embracing her age, in all its beauty.

For the old woman knew, in the depths of her core,
That true power and youth lie in wisdom's store.
In a life well-lived, with love as her guide,
She'd found her own magic, no need to hide.

So heed this tale, dear souls who may hear,
When tempted by darkness, hold your faith near.
For in the face of temptation's alluring plea,
Choose love and virtue, and forever be free.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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