A Person Is Young Until The Passion Does Not Disappear

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When an educated retired grandmother with a dog starts talking about her sense of responsibility and passion for her work, which she has been doing for 50 years, you draw conclusions. Not as good as you'd like. You just realize how incomplete you live, how you don't fulfill your life, how you look at everything through your fingers and how much happiness that realization brings. When inspiration is not a phrase by Paulo Coelho, but a simple grandmother going to buy socks.

When you realize how much quality there is in her life still. And you listen to her, as the most interesting motivator, how important it is to be fair and responsible. And how does that honesty come back in life? And how important it is to work with passion - even washing the floor or dishes after dinner. Even taking the dog for a walk. Even cleaning the windows or applying nail polish for the fifth time after four failed attempts. She told me - a person is young until the passion does not disappear.

And you spend that day differently. You go home differently. You prepare dinner differently, you communicate differently. And you feel with all your heart how right that grandmother is. Happiness can be hidden at every step. Even in the rain and without an umbrella. Or when mixing the pancake batter - slowly add the flour, mix carefully, turn it over nicely, place it responsibly on a plate so that no corner is torn. And eat slowly, thinking that these pancakes are the most important thing for you NOW. Because everything is equally important.

We live without thinking about how important life itself is. And that some things are absolutely not worth doing. To be sad, to hurt, even to be disappointed, to hope recklessly. Those things end when we realize the essence of life. It ends when we start thinking more simply.

When the theory in the treatises of philosophers remains simply a sign of high education, and not a motive of everyday life. When there are fewer "what ifs". When there are generally fewer unanswered questions. When you do what your mind and your heart tell you, not a popular forum or social site.

When you realize that your life is unique and unique and that the experiences of others do not necessarily have to become your experiences. Forget the word "says", because it doesn't really matter who says what.

To wake up in the morning and know very, very firmly that this is another day of yours, another chance, another unknown, another opportunity, another gift, smile to yourself, say how beautiful I am and how beautiful that person next to me is.

Inevitably, there will be days when you will be disappointed, lose hope, feel too tired and vulnerable. You sit at work and get angry at everyone. Or lying on the couch in front of the TV and be dissatisfied. And it is inevitable. But we can always go for a walk or to the sea. Read a good book. Watch the right movie. Meet a friend. To drink coffee in the city. Do something small but very important. To start smiling. Again and again.


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