Does music influence our lives?

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Edith Piaf once said that her life was terrible, but at the same time, her life was also wonderful, because she loved it the most. She loved people and her friends. She also loved strangers, those people who were her listeners. Strength is going your own way to the end. Ten minutes of happiness a day is not bad.

Well, she was damn right. Sometimes even those ten minutes have to be won. Sometimes a whole happy day seems to descend from the sky. But sometimes you have to wait for a happy moment a long time.

But often all the answers lie in music. And you can always listen to something according to your mood.

Last night I was listening to my dad's old hits: old Eagles songs, and Edith Piaf, and Dalida (a very low-pitched floating rhythm, so soothing), and Louis Armstrong, and Barbra Streisand, and AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd - a jumble of music and memories from those distant years when my parents used to listen to these songs. I grew up with this music, even if it wasn't the music of my soul, it was not in my blood, because it was music of my parents, not mine.

While listening, it seemed that someone's huge hand was shuffling all the events of life like a card - the past, the future, some kind of fantasy... As if it no longer mattered - order, chronology, as if everything fell down on the timeline into one huge pile, like suitcases sometimes crowd at the airport on the baggage claim belt. Nowhere and nothing works perfectly, everywhere there are moments when those irresistible force majeure circumstances rage, when everything freezes in ice and the irresistible force does not allow you to guess in time, to be there, to be this or that. And sometimes it's just convenient to pretend that these are fatal circumstances. To mask their depression, despair, laziness with them.

Back then, we used to think and talk a lot about life and the future. It seemed that somewhere far away, maybe across the ocean, where The Eagles sing, it was different. The grass is greener there, our dreamed freedom is there. Everything is possible there...

The foreboding of the future kept me awake at night. But everything turned out to be great fun. Back then, I thought that people understood each other easily. That we are all very similar. Now I know that we are very different.

Although if you look more closely at the picture of each person's life, at the smallest details of his puzzle, you can see an almost identical picture. Although the colors are different, the "drawing" technique. But there is always some influence: art, literature, music, other people, the pros and cons of parenting. The effect of the personalities you meet. Finally, in one way or another, circumstances arise which are usually also the result of all of the above. After all, it is the person's own choice, how to react to all this, to give up or not, to go forward or stop. His inherited traits and self-acquired traits.

Maybe this is a so-called fate - supposedly, or maybe really - fatal circumstances.

The rules of life, I think today, are as plain and boring as the rules of the road. Although it does not always guarantee a happy ending. But not following them guarantees trouble almost always. That desire to be a rebel fades with age.

And the music that was always with us - music that promised something - has grown old with us. And the future itself has already turned into the past. How brutal that long life is sometimes.


With love, @madeirane
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