Old Things Are Not Just Things

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In reality everything is different than in dreams. Even if they come true. Let's say you finally got to the land of your dreams, but your feet were bruised to the point of blood, sweat, maybe your wallet was stolen... And everything is completely different from what you dreamed.

Memories also have this quality, they are not objective, although they seem very realistic. In fact, we remember our emotions the most, once experienced. Therefore, old gloves found by chance, thrown in a drawer, old spruce toys or other junk can sometimes seem priceless, but they can also act as a very strong, unpleasant stimulus - they bring back that distant emotional background that once surrounded us. And it brings back a completely different you, the one you might not want to remember next time, and the bright shadows of the past lying in the recesses of memory, and maybe not only. Old things are not just things.

Every time I visit my mother, she pulls out her favorite porcelain dinnerware and sets the table. They have lived so long, even though they look so fragile, but they hold so many memories. Because indeed, they lived a whole life. How did they, born in the 1960, endure to this day, despite having to endure so many moves from place to place? It's mind boggling that people would live much longer if we protected them as much as we protect dishes.

Because we don't protect people, or we protect too little or too late. Most of us don't protect ourselves, except for people who are very much in love with themselves. That we are broken and fragile, we understand often too late. It's even better if, after noticing the cracks, we somehow manage to glue them together, and we continue to live with the parts of ourselves that have already begun to fall apart, but we live without finally breaking into the tiniest of shards.

In fact, we should protect everything we have. As long as we have people, friendship, health, success, hopes and dreams. It is not true that only children break things, adults also break. Adults often break the same children, other adults - with excessive demands, indifference, underestimation, arrogance. Not understanding at all that they themselves cannot feel good around those broken people. Next to people who would be irrevocably spoiled and corrupted by their own dullness, selfishness and indifference. Then not only the broken dishes, things, but the whole life remains to be thrown into the landfill. Who needs a ruined life?

So let's protect each other, and if there's nothing left to protect, let's protect ourselves and good memories. Also calm and peace, nerves and health, let's protect the light in ourselves and others.


With love, @madeirane
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A nice read but people rarely take care of what is precious to them these days. Back then what we bought was meant to at least last a lifetime. We didn't buy, we're shopaholics on the search for the latest trend.

We treat our property in the same way as we treat the people and animals around us. Besides adults who break are broken themselves, what is broken can never be fixed and looks as if it was never touched.

It would help to know oneself and take the time, even if it's a lifetime, to let the soul heal


And you so right. Thanks for reading my thoughts.😍😍