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I saw an elderly woman at the cash register today. With clothes embroidered with sequins. Sunglasses in the rain. Why not? Maybe those glasses are rose colored. Maybe those glitters are cheap, but they shine in a gray crowd. To be honest, I found it amusing, uplifting.

Sometimes I dream of how I would like to live in America or at least cosmopolitan London, where your race, hair color, shoes don't matter, where no one notices your undyed hair roots, chipped nail polish, tears or laughter just walking down the street. Where you can run to drink coffee without make-up and no one will mention (and not even think) that maybe you are sick or simply don't have enough money for mascara (in my country, there is a cult of beauty). Where you can live. Really - I dream about it sometimes.

Where maybe everyone is in a hurry, but that hurry is different from ours. Where everyone is in a hurry for themselves, not for a strict leader. Where they dare to say NO. Where people are equal regardless of height and education. Where there is room for everyone. Where there is little bullying, where the growth is different, where there are no swear words, although there is just as much rain. Sometimes I dream that people here are like that. Not only in my country, but also in every town or village. In every forest hut. Where they don't get angry, don't insult, but help, where they aren't afraid to say what they think, where they want to learn and get to know each other. Where people want to live their real life, travel, memorize maps, read books and talk. Not scream, but love, not betray, but believe.

Sometimes I dream of how perfect the world would be if we were more perfect. If we were to do what we know, we should do it, but still don't. I can name exactly what a person needs to do. You need to be born, grow, learn, love, eat healthily, do sports, work, create, teach. Such things are usually named, but we forget them again. We drink 3 in 1 again, we sit all day at work, and in the evening at home, we spend time on the sofa, we watch TV, but we don't read a book. Instead of an evening walk, we smoke lazily on the balcony. We ate gingerbread with tea and immediately went to bed.

Sometimes I dream of what it would be like if every person used their full mental and physical potential. It would be impossibly great! But I only dream, I only dream about words that would change people's lives, habits, reduce the number of sins and addictions and open the door to real life. And maybe I'm starting to believe it.


With love, @madeirane
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