Tahiti Or Bust, a freewrite

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"I swear to God, if you expect me to take another sightseeing tour, I will ask you for a divorce" Harold complained.

"Don't you think you're being a little extreme, dear?" Sandie asked without even looking up from the paper.

"I cannot stand sightseeing tours and you know it. I have been on countless sightseeing tours with you over the years. I go just to make you happy. But you know what? You're never happy with the sightseeing tours either. No happier than I am. So why do either of us go?"

"We learn a lot. Remember all you now know about Christopher Robin and his bear Winnie the Pooh, just because we went on that sightseeing tour at the zoo where Winnie was housed? You would not ever have learned all that had we not gone on that tour."

"And a fat lot of good knowing all that has done me. Our first born was terrified of Eeyore and would plug her ears and start screaming anytime she heard the name Pooh. We couldn't even say "boo" on Halloween or she would throw a temper tantrum."

"That's because you and I have always fought about the merits of that sightseeing tour!"

"Oh, so now it's my fault that our daughter was traumatized by Pooh?!!! Somehow, everything that goes wrong is my fault, and everything that goes right is to your credit. You see what damage sightseeing tours do to our marriage? I won't go."

"This time I thought we would try Tahiti."

"I guess I could go on one more sightseeing tour, but THIS IS THE LAST ONE!"


This is my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge. Today's prompt is sightseeing tours.



Very amusing. I'm sure I've had many conversations just like that.🙃

I have too. That's probably why it came out in a freewrite.

Tahiti will change anyones mind.

I've always wanted to go there.

Love the capitulation of the final line.
Never again. No sir, no more trips, not ever.
Then again.... one more time!
Love the Pooh Bear references. :)
And poor depressive Eeyore - my favorite, along with his opposite, bouncy Tigger -
Amazing that one bear in a zoo could have inspired such a memorable menagerie of characters.
Kinda the way these 5-minute freewrite prompts inspire your many, many characters.
Keep em coming!

oh honey, I'm glad you read this, because you inspired it! I love freewriting. When I do it, I know how connected all things are. I do seem obsessed with freewrites these days, like back when I first started writing them, and I would check Marianne's page every few minutes because I couldn't wait for the daily prompt, it was like receiving candy in the mail.

Like candy in the mail....
I love your enthusiasm, energy, and talent for freewriting!