Monday 5 Min Freewrite -Hard Liquor (A Poem-by pixiehunter)

in Freewriters2 years ago

Happy Monday fellow freewriters. Hope you're all having a great week thus far. Here is my 5 minute prompt of the day. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the read.


You will never add up,
and always let down.

Bring on those wimpy tears,
that don't make a sound.

Try all you want.
It's ok to fail you see.
Those are just words,
from those gremlins,
who speak.

Keep the chin up,
and that bottle put down.

Hard liquor is not
where comfort should be found.

Ignore those demons inside your head.
Empty that bottle, you just might be dead!

Do not let angry words of others put you down,
and your heart in the gutter.

You are smart. You are wise.
Shed those tears!
Let them out!
Who cares who sees you cry.