In our walk through life it is important not to scatter thorns

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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, each person of this beautiful planet through his life is acquiring the essential capacity of coexistence, of course, there are people who manage to develop more deeply that aspect more than others, but, in the end each of us in one way or another we must keep in mind that coexistence will always be part of our existence, and that is why we must go through life without wishing ill to anyone, and much less, try to leave thorns behind us.

Sometimes we know people who prefer to go through life immersed in uncomfortable and conflictive situations towards the people around them, i.e., they become spreaders of thorns wherever they are, however, usually these people then have to return the same way and deal with all those thorns that they themselves have spread.

In general, my dear readers, when we harvest we expect to collect some kind of fruit, that is to say, benefit, but this will depend on the type of sowing we do, therefore, it will always be important to sow wellbeing around us since that is what we will harvest, otherwise the process will be completely reversed.

I think that every person on this planet should have the culture of doing good, and if sometimes we meet conflictive and thorn-spreading people we can teach them with our proper conduct, and also remind them that usually when we scatter thorns we will never know if we have to walk barefoot on that path full of thorns, therefore, it is best to go through life with the best possible conduct. Perhaps many of you know people who spread thorns and in the end these thorns hurt themselves because no one will follow the same path where they travel.

Until another opportunity my dear friends, I think that a great part of our happiness lies in spreading the good to the rest of the individuals around us, although for some people this aspect is very difficult, however, most people put it into practice, as this should be the way forward for all of us.