Surf's Up | Freewrite Prompt : Don't Shake It!

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Author's note: I will be using @rbhayes account for my journey back into writing from hereon.
Imagine this... a very hot day, you feeling dizzy, then suddenly you're sipping this delicious ice cold milk tea... feeling high and ecstatic

@mariannewest's Freewrite Writing Prompt Day 2094: don’t shake it!

The sweet scent permeating the air was cloying, to the point that if you breath in long enough, you could almost taste it. It was sickening.

"Gods, it smells mouth-watering in here!"

Forget what she thought, her companion would exclaim otherwise, "We have to get out of here. Don't touch anything!" She slapped away her companion's hands as they strayed a little too close towards a sealed transparent cup filled with an unknown substance. She could hazard a guess as to what it was, judging from the small, circular sediments that settled on the bottom.

"We have to keep moving." She felt a sickening sense of dread at hearing the swishing sound of liquid behind her, "I told you not to touch anything! Don't shake it!"

"But the boba! Look, I'm sure this is where the sweet smell is coming from!"

It was over when her companion punctured a straw into the sealed cup and made a loud show of slurping the first batch of tapioca-filled liquid called milktea. The ceiling above them opened up and the next thing she knew, she had to hold her breath.

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Hello @rbhayes this story sounds pretty strange like this person's mind is going. Great free write! It has got me wondering what could be causing the woman to be feeling so awful. Poison, perhaps? Have a great weekend! Barb 😊👍 !BBH !CTP