His Way!

Hola Hivers,

Hope you are doing great post Christmas celebrations. One small request, kindly take care of yourself and your loved ones as coronavirus is an invisible enemy and we have to fight it again. Apart from that, enjoy the festivities as New Year is just round the corner.

Guys, today I want to speak about a very consequential topic i.e Loneliness, of course I am not any specialist and if you are facing any serious issues you must seek some help from a professional. I share these insights only on the basis of experience only with the intention to help a few generous souls reading this.
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Loneliness and depression are NOT similar. If you feel lonely because someone left, trust me you deserve to feel better. I will explain to you my case, when I was in my graduation, I was sidekicked by my childhood friend because just to join some hotshot group in college, changing my personality and disgracing my values was not acceptable for me. I was left alone and for sometime I didn’t go to college, I used to feel humiliated, I felt that no one loved me, that my presence does not matter to anyone.

Anyways, I had to fight my own demon as skipping classes for a longer period of time wasn’t an option. I was missing on my course curriculum, assignments and routine studies. I used to get mocked at class, come home and put my face on a pillow and weep for hours.

After some time, I thought for how long I would treat myself wrong. I collected my broken pieces and channelized my energies and made it a power. Now I didn’t have many friends so I was not wasting any time. I had more time to focus more on studies because of which I scored very well in the first year of graduation. Suddenly I had many friends with whom I shared the same talking point with. Until my third year I was the topper of the college.

It took me some time to realize that we need to accept our situations and trust God’s process. He does whatever is best for us or which could lead us to our best. He has several ways of making you understand how strong of a soul you are. Just believe all the time that YOU CAN and I am sure you will end up doing that. I am sure that there are definitely people who love you more for the kind of people you are, for what you can achieve, for every success and failures of yours. You are not alone, if not people then at least God is with you.
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Trust me, this particular advice is based on my own experience. Once you start believing in God's way that everything that is happening is happening for a reason and will lead you to light, nothing in the world seems dark. His way must seem thorny at the beginning but the little pricks must be of the roses that he might have set in the rest of the way for you.

That’s it for guys. Love you all.


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Yeah, we need to accept the situations we can't change. And those that we can improve we should work on them, with patience and trust. :)
A small suggestion, engagement with other hive members is also a wonderful way to connect with others and feel good :)

Hope you are having a great day @sahlucid.dreamer, greetings! 👋

Hello @mipiano m having a great day too..thank you so much..

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Sometimes overcoming loneliness is very hard to achieve as you've just did, you have to work on improving yourself which will keep you busy and end up building some connections for yourself

@lifeof.abdul improving ourselves not only helps us overcome loneliness but also makes us confident and content..