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Obi couldn't hold his tears back from the Strokes of cane he received from the teacher. His friend consoled him which he was crying and urge him to always obey all the rule of the school to avoid further occurrence ,he later gave him a hug.

We should always obey all the rule to avoid punishments.


Ouch! That reminded me of my school days. Very interesting slice of life you picked out there @Sommylove :) It was like our schools lives of rules, breaking of rules, punishment, friends, good advice, and support all wrapped into this short offering :)

I do think there might be a typo you might want to correct. Based on the post I think we are looking at a 240 character limit prompt, but the title is mentioning 240 words. You might want to update that title if my assumption is correct.

Thanks for the fun writing in such a limited prompt. Cheers for a fellow #dreemerforlife

I can’t even relate to this because I’m even though I was a stubborn child at home I definitely was a cool kid at school
Obi I’m sorry, don’t cry naw😂


Your cool personality go help you in many ways
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I know right

You’re welcome

The rules, when I was a student, were always for math or geometry, I never saw them used to punish anyone. Today, it is even considered a crime for a teacher to dare to do something like this. Greetings. #dreemerforlife

Many rules might also be applicable
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