A picture is worth more than a thousand words: Self driven determination

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"Oh hey, have you seen a kid in this neighborhood?" Miriam queried immediately the neighbor opened the door. She kept twisting her fingers and scratching her head which revealed her anxious state.

"I've not seen any kid around today" the nice neighbor responded after taking a quick look around her environment.

Miriam left the neighbor in tears as she tried to understand what she had been doing that took all her attention to the point that she didn't realize when her kid wandered off.


She panicked as she looked around the neighborhood and suddenly she found him in the park trying hard to pedal his bike.

"Oh! This is adorable!" She exclaimed as she stood afar watching him try to pedal.

"He's so determined" an old lady who sat by said with a broad smile on her face and Miriam felt so blessed and proud of her son that goosebumps appeared all over her skin.

His self-determination to ride his bike had made him wander off with it. Her sister had passed on the bike to him from her son as he had outgrown riding balance bikes.

Miriam smiled more and called out to him so they could head home. When he saw her, he was excited and tried to turn the bike so they could head home. She was super excited that her toddler had self-determination and she believed that with that he was going to do great things in the future.

What do you see?

I see a determination driven toddler trying hard to ride his balance bike to avoid the drama of training wheels later on in life.

What do you feel?

I feel challenged by the kid in the image to do more, self-determination is everything anyone needs in this world to move to whatever stage he or she wants to be.



You convey the love and pride of a mother who sees her courageous son trying new things! At first, I worried that the boy had disappeared or was lost. Good thing he was close by. 😄 Lovely story! !LUV

Every mother would be happy to witness what Miriam witnessed. It's nice having you here🥰

Determination as exhibited by the toddler is what we all need in life to move forward.

Indeed it is. Thanks for coming around

The child wandered off and you caught him and said



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Lol, please don't crack me up


You gotta ask😂😂😂

Don't mind the unpaid comedian 🤣🤣🤣

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The toddler was determined and that's a good quality to cultivate.

A very good quality indeed. Thanks for stopping by😊

At least some neighbours keep an eye on the toddler.
Before mom knows he drives away in his car.

Thanks for joining pic1000. 👍

Thanks for joining pic1000. 👍

I'm so pleased to be a part 🥰

The little child went off to the park alone just to pedal his bike??
That's the aura of determination there

Indeed, my dear, indeed. Thanks for stopping by💜