Was observing the markets today morning and as soon as I saw the Hive price drop to 29.6 cents, I purchased some 723 HBD worth of Hive.

Within few minutes the order got filled and I received 2435.133 Hive which I immediately powered up.

After a few minutes, I got a notification from @hivebuzz

I was elated when to see this:


Yes, I became a dolphin 🐬 on Hive for the first time ever.

I immediately went on to check my HP.

It was around the 5900 mark.

Apparently you become a dolphin if you own between 10,000,000 and 99,999,999 VESTS.

I just entered that range with a 10,370,061 VESTS when I powered up.

That's an interesting feature on Hive, thanks to @arcange

Makes you want to power up again.

On another note, I've been fully focused on self-improvement in the last two years.

After all these years of efforts, I've suddenly started noticing changes in myself (in a good way).

I've worked my ass off to get a peak physique, also been working on improving my mindset, mental sharpness and communication skills- cut out on all that umms, ahhs and "like" fillers.

This year's been quite positive in contrast to 2022 which was one of the worst years for me, but also taught me a lot of things.

Optimizing my time by cutting out the time wasters such as Instagram, Facebook and other useless apps that suck away your attention and give you nothing in return.

I used to average around 1.5 hours daily on Instagram and now that I've cut it out of my life, I've gained back those hours that I've put to productive use.

Absolutely and ruthlessly cut out all the negatively influencing friends as well, no regrets.

Trust me, it makes a huge impact on your life.

Also, narrowing down my attention in pursuit of a single goal instead of working on many at a time and getting nowhere with anything.

I've done a lot of other changes as well which have had a huge impact on me, but I'll not drop the whole sauce in one post.

Let's keep that for another day, another post, shall we?



Congratulations on becoming a Dolphin @wandereronwheels 🎉🎉🎉

PS: looking forward to you becoming an Orca. Another power up? 😅

Thank you @arcange 😀

Would definitely love to get in the Orca club.

It's a long way to go but I'm gonna keep powering up whenever the price drops.

Way to go.

BTW, may I ask you to support the HiveBuzz proposal (https://peakd.com/me/proposals/248)?
Your help would be much appreciated!

Sure @arcange. Voted for the proposal.🤝
Btw, can I ask you to support this account (if it's not too much to ask for) so that I can flaunt that Orca badge a tad bit quicker! :)

Thank you for your support @wandereronwheels, really appreciate it! 👍
I will do my best to have a regular look at your publications. No promises tho as I'm quite busy with development.
Meantime here is a small upvote ;)

Thank you. That means a lot :)

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yeah, it always great to become dolphin, congratulations

For sure. Thank you!