Your Brain - An Instrument that can be Tuned


Again, starting off the post with a blank mind.

What shall we write about today?

Let's talk about blank mind itself.

Do you know why your mind is blank?

Because it is switched off or out of tune.

Mind or brain isn't what creates thoughts.

It's just an instrument we have been gifted with.

Every other animal on this planet functions on the basis of instinct.

We are the only species that thinks.

So what is "Thinking"?

It is tuning of our instrument called the mind.

Just like how we tune a transistor radio to a certain frequency when we want to listen to a certain station, the same way we tune our minds to the frequency we want to listen to.

An idle mind is a devils workshop.

We all have heard this phrase.

What does it mean?

It means when we are not the ones who tune our radio station and let it just tune itself, it will adjust itself according to whatever frequency it hears from the surrounding.

And surroundings are mostly filled with thoughts of fear and doubts.

Because mass majority of the people are filled with doubts and uncertainty- moved by whatever is the narrative pushed around on TV or media.

That's the reason why you should be the one in control of your tuning switch.

When you have absolute control over what you allow into your mind, nothing external will be able to bother you- you will be unfazed by the happenings in the external world.

This is the level of control we should be striving to achieve in our life.

Because once we have full control over our instruments that is the body and mind, then we are free to achieve absolutely anything we want in this life.


We should not allow our minds to subject themselves to the environment. It is difficult to bring it back.

True. Or you could also just change the environment to one which supports your growth.

Changing the environment can be very challenging mostly, where the cost of getting an apartment is very high

Doesn't have to be limited to physical environment.

Can also be mental environment.

Digital world makes it possible.