When Bean Counters Strike

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Somewhere at my company hides a bean counter. Instead of hiring more representatives to cover the phone lines for the provider customer service line, someone decided to move three of our team members to cover some of their call volume. Our corporation is ramping up for the formidable "first quarter." In health insurance, this is the busiest time of the work year. It is so busy there is no time off allowed. If you call off you receive a mark on your attendance. Noone desires to receive marks that work processing calls. We are careful to guard our metrics because we are required to bid for schedules every six months. If your stats are poor, you run the risk of not getting a schedule that you prefer. I choose the early schedule, 7:45 am to 4:30 pm. Another reason to maintain good metrics is for vacation bidding. I have been diligent in my career to be careful and not call off, to get good scores on evaluations, and to maintain schedule adherence. Last week the supervisor notified me that I am remaining on the preferred schedule for another six months.

I will miss the representatives who are moving to the provider unit. I feel I dodged a bullet!

When I have to miss work, I pre-schedule. I have provision for work call-offs for migraine days through FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act).

Yesterday I took off work for Botox injections. I'm praying that this treatment works effectively and quickly to subdue the migraines.

I maximized the day off to get necessary bloodwork drawn and going to the endocrinologist for my yearly visit. They're attempting to schedule me to receive Prolia injections for the treatment of osteoporosis. Yesterday was attempt #4 to get bloodwork and move forward to the first injection. The bean counters somewhere repeatedly dropped the ball leaving me paying for unnecessary bloodwork. This story is "to be continued."

Photos of Newt, my rescue cat, captured using my Samung Galaxy Note Ultra Plus 5G.

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Botox for migraine - let me know if it helps!
I asked my family doctor for a referral but he said no.
Neurologists here might do them.
Nobody here does Botox for TMJ - or, I need to search harder.
Insurance doesn't cover much of anything...
I hope your headache subsides!
And oh how I love your cat photos. :)

Prolia injections for the treatment of osteoporosis -
My sister and I both tested minus 2.5 on the Dexa scale.
She's been on Fosamax (Alendronate) for more than a year now.
I refused to take it. Of course my doctor will prescribe THAT (with all its side effects) -
But he won't refer me to anyone for Botox for migraine and TMJ.
I had been on calcium +D3 supplements for two years, but I don't think they help.

Oh the hazards of a long life - our bones deteriorate - our arteries clog -

Hang in there!!