A Private Love

in Freewriters3 months ago


When playful winds their fingers through my hair do run
And your heart's whispers only I alone may hear
No need for public vows your love is freely given
In shared looks and thoughts, for me alone, in private yearn
While day sees duties that keep us hours apart
In spirit you are near, keeping me in your heart
As weather's gentle voice conspires with yours alone
Warm thoughts entwine our souls, unseen yet clearly shown
Your love lifts me above routine's earthly ties
These brief notes nourish more than words that louder ring
In stillest moments of the day you fill my mind
My prince whose care has solace for this queen designed
Together though unseen, in tune our spirits be
Your secret glances speak your love alone to me


This is too good. I love love🤭. Reading this to a loved one will definitely give em butterflies. Hehehe. Have a nice day 💜