I Can’t Afford to Live

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Overlooked checks cause a negative effect; Account underneath I sit in disbelief.

This is real not a drill funds on still;
Mistakes changing fate it’s too much to contemplate.

Little ones to feed providing what they need;
No snacks in the cupboard frustrations causing mutter.

No way out must pray send miracles our way;
Tomorrows uncertain full force in the searching.

I can’t afford to live.

Desires out of reach stay content bring on relief;
No point of dreaming in constant state of clinging.

Incline of prices causing crisis;
Food pantries struggle keep it subtle.

We pacing yet we hasten;
Yearning for more earnings.

Keep it calm reading Psalms;
The struggle’s real in need of zeal.

I can’t afford to live.

Shocked economy unsure what’s bound to be;
Life heist living’s an unrighteous price.

Sell your finest piggy bank reliant;
Hit with zero food banks a hero.

Day by day we weigh;
Casual living control your spending.

Worrisome hearts probing restarts;
A change in status from where they had us.

I can’t afford to live.

But hold up life’s worth a show up;
So precious the Lord’s been gracious.

This breathe in me counters all defeat;
Hard times will pass costly living won’t last.

We stand to horizon propelled to keep surviving;
Hold on a bit longer unwealth won’t pull us under.

Enjoying life as it comes no fear of undones.
Using time we have wisely eyes opened not living blindly.

I can’t afford not to live!

This poem was inspired by recent conversations I’ve had with family and friends. The way our economy is going these types of conversations come up quite often now. I don’t normally do a lot of poetry but this was a good way to express what I wanted to share.

We not only talk about the state we’re in but also ways and solutions to help better our situations, like what I recently shared in this gig post.

In the poem I expressed some of my thoughts and situations we faced earlier on and also that of others. I hope this poem encourages people that though times are hard life is still precious and a gift to have. We should never give up on finding ways to make things work and cope with our situations and we especially should never feel that we can’t afford to keep living 💓.

The photo is my own and was taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

Thank you so much for reading ~

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A lot of things are going on these days. All we need to do is just be hopeful and try to adjust. The economy is not smiling at us at all. I recently had to cut down on some food items just to ensure we don't go without food. At least it is better we reduce than to be out of it totally.

One thing I know is that things will get better pretty soon. It is just a matter of time. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for this piece.

At least it is better we reduce than to be out of it totally.

This has been my thought exactly. We are blessed to have what we have.

Thanks for adding your input ~

Hey @crosheille, it has been a while :-). I know, nowadays isn't as easy as Steemit time, the good old times. I hope your situation isn't as bad as described in this poetry.

Oh my gosh it's really you? Don't you know I've checked your blog throughout the years to see if you've returned?! Seriously, I've missed seeing you and reading your blogs. I am so ecstatic that you have returned to the blockchain. Welcome back lady!! 💓

Yes, what happened to Steemit is still a very very touchy subject within this community. I still have a load of emotions that come back when I think about it.

Unfortunately, some of what I wrote my family did actually experience. We just recently recovered from a negative account, my kids were checking our refrigerator and pantry several times a day in hopes that more food/snacks would appear. When times were a little better we were able to keep a healthy stock of foods but it got to the point where I had to stretch it out to make it lasts which meant less proportions for each of us.

Thankfully we are doing much better and back on track with our finances :)

I’ll be checking in on you now that I know you’re back. Thanks for saying hello ~

Yes, I am back. Sort of. Thank you :-).
I am happy it's getting better with you and your family. Currently we all need to be careful with our finances because everything is getting more expensive. I also make sure we don't waste any food. Healthcare is also getting more expensive here. Sometimes I feel like I want us to live in a warm country where we don't need to pay healthcare and where we can grow our own banana/papaya trees, watermelons and pineapples whole year and chickens laying eggs, hahaha. But I guess in every country there are pro and cons. I hope I will post more, but it wont be about sewing or 3D, since I can't afford the materials. Have a nice weekend!

You’re welcome ;)

I appreciate that, I'm so glad too. Yes, we’re really big on not wasting food.

Hahaha yes, we hope to own land one day and be able to acquire some of those things you mentioned. I already have crocheted eggprons ready to collect the eggs lol.

I definitely understand about not being able to afford materials. If I didn’t already have yarn on hand I wouldn’t be able to crochet as much right now. I hope one day that changes for you though and you can do some of those things you loved.

You have a nice weekend as well ~

Thanks for the reminder about food banks. Even if we have only a few cans to spare from our cupboard, they will help. It all adds up.

I remember my mother(we had nothing!) found money to give to the local church for a new roof. They shouldn't have taken the money (because they could see how poor we were), but every month she'd find the promised amount and send it to the church. We managed. It was a great lesson to see her do that.

Even if we have only a few cans to spare from our cupboard, they will help.

Yes, a little goes a long way. I never thought I’d be in a position to need a food bank as much as we did but I’m sure glad it was available to us. It really encouraged us to give more when we have it to give. 😊

Wow that’s so amazing what your mother did, staying committed to the promised amount even when you didn’t have much. That’s truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing that ~

We can't afford to live because of inflation whatsoever. But we can manage to surpass all challenges to continue living...we shouldn't give up

Absolutely! We shouldn't give up.

Thanks for adding your input here Jane ~

wow... It's amazing the poem you wrote about life.
When I read it, the lyrics of this poem are very touching.

Thank you @furkanmamplam. I am really glad to know you thought the poem was touching.

Thanks for taking time out to read it :)

Your poem captures the reality that many people around the world are experiencing, @crosheille.

Some people try to put in a lot of overtime just to live a normal life. while others must travel because they want to change their way of life and their financial situation.

In order to prevent our future generations from experiencing the same levels of depression as we do, it is imperative that we educate them now.

Yes, overtime has become an even more popular concept nowadays.

Absolutely it’s imperative.

That appears to be what will occur to the basic or normal class. We work in order to survive. Don't hesitate to make an investment or launch your own business if you are fortunate or hold the reins of fortune.

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Supported this one as well ~ ✔️

Thank you @crosheille ❤️

Wow the struggles we are all going thru hopefully this will all end soon and we can go back to a happy life and prosperity.
I herd someone said this one time .
You already have enough of what you think you need. We have family, health and food for the day.

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