Woman, smoke me from the pipe...[Original poetry]


Woman, smoke me from the pipe

Woman, you who raise
in me the bones,
turn this mask into ashes
and swallow it all.

Smoke me from the pipe,
grab me by the soles
and throw me to jump
only in your arms.

I swear I'm not looking for you
to be my babysitter and
that I don't call you
just because
I feel cold.

I don't know how else
to stick you to me
for I am old and weak
but I want you.

You who spin the planets,
run through me a galaxy.

And I'll smell your lilies in the meadows
..and I'll put you in my chest.


I like the chunking-up and down/inwards movement and shift of perspective from here: "You who spin the planets,
run through me a galaxy." You're building worlds of sensations and inner motility.

Thank You. Glad you liked it 😊

!Hivebits maybe it works today

I really loved your poem, it has a lot of feeling, this part caught my attention:

You who spin the planets,
run through me a galaxy.
And I'll smell your lilies in the meadows
..and I'll put you in my chest.

Hugs and happy week ♥

Many Thanks! Glad you liked. Have a great week also! 🤗💓

really great line - smoke me from a pipe - evocative about the desire to be inside of this women even if it is painful to get there. A little confusing at the end about "I'll put you in my chest" as the narrator would go into the woman's chest if smoked. Did the narrator change?

Thank You very much. I appreciate your insightful remarks. In the end, the idea in my head was about the reciprocity of feelings. Not only the narrator would be ''absorbed'' by this woman, but he, in return, would allow her in his heart, more at a feeling/ spiritual level - as his lover. But the association that you made is very inspiring at a physical level also...and because it can have multiple significations, I can imagine someone ''trapped'' in this woman and opening his chest from there...😁

You have an amazing imagination! I think of the old homunculous idea of medieval scholars who tried to imagine that all humans ever to be born were contained within each new embryo... Adam's child contained all the children since. You create the idea that someone is inside someone who is also inside them! captivating!

Thank You! That's another clever and interesting association. 🙂 Although a controversial topic, it is a very creative approach and especially for that time.

Thanks for the fun chat!

My pleasure. Thanks to you also. Tasty Pizza! 👌

I liked it,
"Great Stuff", more than thought provoking!

I'm glad about it. Thank You very much! 🙂🙂🙂

Your Very Welcome!

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