Love, Never Ending?

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I thought they said love was meant to be soulful
What do they say about soulmates?
They are meant to open your heart's gates
But if love is supposed to be between just two souls for a lifetime
What happens to those who fell out of love and in love with others?
If love was meant to be between just two people for a lifetime
Then how does this explain the ever wanting desires of human?
We are always constantly searching for happiness per time
Whatever our heart wants even if it's out of greed, we call it love
We always want more and we confuse that always with love
It's okay if your heart is able to love multiple people a lifetime
Some can only love one person for a lifetime
I admit that there are varying degrees to how much we love
Even for those who love multiple people for a lifetime
It's all about how vested they are into the person, with whatever is the lifeline
Everyone wants to have a heart alone for them to dine
The question is for how long would this love last?
Be wary of those who promised their love would last longer than the weekend they say
They used to say that love is never ending
But it ends for many even before they start
Seeking exit strategy even before going far into the current relationship is never ending...for some they just recycle it with others
Never ending yet they keep it going with every new one
Love can be complicated but still, love is unique for everyone
Everyone feels differently and there is no right or wrong way to love
Love is an old feeling like an old apartment or house but with new occupants in it

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.


Love is a beautiful thing and it is possible to love for a lifetime. I don't have a relationship experience to share but looking at it from the family aspect, it is possible to love forever.

I love your perspective on the article, love isn't about just relationships and it exists between families. I agree that an unending love can be found among family members.

Exactly what I just told her and I am glad we are on the same page with this. Yes, undying love exists between families and that stands the test of time.

I love your perspective to this... Family is a love to last forever...same with God's love for us.

I have a question
What can make a man suddenly unlove a woman without having another girl and they don't have issues

A lot of things could be the reason and I think one of the first could be that there wasn't a deep connection from the onset, you know how we mistake a lot of things for love.

Secondly is could be because of a change in the lady since you are asking for a man unloving a lady. I have seen cases where lovers fight over little things like a lady trying wrapper in the house, the guy might not like it and the lady is not ready to let go of the habit. There are silly more examples and the connection starts going off until until things completely get out of hand.

Lack of communication can be a factor especially when it is a long distance relationship, I am looking forward to bro Ola's response.

I love the question.

What can I say? I am serious, you nailed it. Communication is the first thing and if it's lacking, they can never address any issue. They won't be able to forge ahead and even make things work. I love this explanation.

You've really said it all
Many factors

Absolutely nailed it.

Attitude change

Big disconnect.

No common goals.

Lack of respect, affection, and communication.


And I will always ask,
Didn't you see all these qualities before going into the relationship?

I ask these because for instance, what you listed are obvious characters that should be easily noticed .

A partner that doesn't have respect, obviously can't generate one overnight and the list goes on.

So is it that we don't get to know our partners before we jump into the train of love with them?

Unfortunately most people do not go into relationships with a sound mind and spirit.
People enter relationships for the wrongest of reasons and that is what gives birth to situations that could have been prevented.

Sometimes I get mad when I hear some stories. It is annoying to listen to because even the person saying the story knows the problem and can see what is wrong but apparently it feels better to live in ignorance than face the glaring truth.

They always cover it up with the saying, love is blind

What a funny world 😂

I've heard so many weird reasons...quite shocking to say the least.

It's always easy for us to judge those. Most people act with desperation based on societal pressure. You are right, a lot of people enter into a relationship with wrong reasons because they want to bow to what the society demands.

Sadly...most people just want a partner. Someone once said, we accept the love we think we deserve and it's only when we keep going in it that we realize the wrong path we have been in. Once the motive is wrong...nothing can go right.

Exactly..... We have to create a clear motive as regards to what we actually want and desire.
You can't just go halfway and discover you don't have a target but rather you set target and work towards actualising the target.

It's always counterproductive to set out on the wrong foot

Hahaha simple and short...I love how you went direct and still gave the right answers.

Giving this a try....
Most of the relationships out there aren't built on love, the man suddenly sees a beautiful lady and starts the whole process of getting into bed with her and you see him doing whatever thing possible to make that possible and boom, we call it love whereas it's just nothing other than bunch of testerone-driven man.
We don't really confirm our emotions before diving into love because sometimes the guys already gave a target and once achieved, their interest in the lady wanes off.

Also, many relationships out there are sedimented on lies.
Nothing shatters relationship more than lies.
When the acclaimed lovers starts off the wrong foot lying to each other about important issues, time will come when they won't be able to lie again and guess what?
There would be issues here and there.

And many more things because love indeed is complicated, we can't even understand it all but then we need to understand many aspects of the lady or guy in question before we jump in else, we will jump out almost immediately we jumped in

Hmm! This is quite deep. Most people mistaken love for lust. This isn't so as we should try to differentiate lust from love. This generation has made the word "love" seem so complex. This wasn't so in the previous generations.

Love is more than lustful feelings. It encompasses — caring, giving, sympathy — and so many more which I can't possibly exhaust here. Let's all learn to love, not lust.

I guess that says it all.
Love shouldn't be equated to lust.... The misinterpretation is what breeds the confusion we see in the current world


A lot of people think they are in love but they don't even understand what love is about. They are moved by the tingling below their waist and they think that's all there is to dating someone.

Most people think with their emotions rather than with their head and clear mind. They have the wrong reasons in picking a partner because they judge on face value rather than compatibility.

Exactly.... And over the years, people don't take courtship periods serious again.

This is why it seems you are knowing your partner when you're already married rather than while you guys were still starting

It depends. Some people go into a relationship for comfort. Some go into a relationship when they were not ready. Time tests every heart. There is no deeper connection. It might be the relationship started out of convenience or due to loneliness.

This is accurate and deep. Some people go into it for comfort. Some when they are not ready. Some due to loneliness. Some people they want to feel accepted.

It doesn't just change like that...there are underlying issues to it. The love was never deep and they went into the relationship for the wrong reasons. I wish I can explain this better via audio.

But the guy kept on checking on my friend like he cares

When love is true, I don't see any reason why it should end.

A lot of feelings are misinterpreted as love and when the real motive behind the relationship is revealed, break up is inevitable.

I believe love is meant to last forever and to do this we all have roles to play like tolerating one another, forgiving and many others.

Thanks for sharing.

I agree with you.
Ideally love should last forever because love encompasses all virtues.
It is not possible for someone that loves you to disrespect you because love is respectful. It is not possible for someone that claims they love you to hurt or harm you because love is kind and patient.

The moment people are ready to see this and make the conscious decision to disembark from situations that negate the true meaning of love, the society will be a better place, frankly speaking.
Nice view!

Some people even think of exit before they embark on the journey which speaks volume as to where their head, heart and mind is in the first place.

Most people don't want to tolerate each other. They think everything would be like when they started. Love calls for tolerance and deeper communication.

Love is good
Love is sweet and love is unique when you find the right one to go on that journey with you

I believe that people that fall out of love wasn't with the right person because when you find the right one the love will be real and it will never fade away no matter what happens in the journey

True love journey is not always the smooth and sweet one but the love will keep everything in control till the end
That I believe

Most people expect love to be smooth but it's rarely smooth. Most people expect things to be the way they started but it's rarely so. Love is sweet and unique but when the motive is wrong...the process is defeated.

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There is truly no right or wrong way to love, we all love differently.

Love is the only feeling that keeps our soul alive.

We love and feel differently...and we are allowed to love in the language we understand and others understand.

What happens to those who fell out of love and in love with others?

Really a vital question to think on.
Is it that their opened heart by their former loved one suddenly closes and gets opened by another?

Whatever our heart wants even if it's out of greed, we call it love

That is one of the greatest problems of humans, myself inclusive.
We tend to find justification in whatever thing we do and we want and most times, when we've lost all logical reasonings, we push it to say that, "This is what I love doing" and then go on with whatever we wants to do, so sad.

Love is an old feeling like an old apartment or house but with new occupants in it

This says the full story about love.
Love is always there
Even the most wicked man out there loves someone so dearly and so it's okay to say that we all have that love in us, we just don't express it to all but it's there.

The building is already there (love in us) but it is for whomever we accept as our tenants gets to live in the house (loved).

That was a short, precise and beautiful piece.

Thanks for sharing

We all have love in us and we are all capable of loving...most people confuse lust for love and that's the first major issue we have in relationships apart from those with wrong motives.

That's where the whole Problem starts.

Hopefully, we will get better with time

Love is what really moves the world and that's why we all have different forms and ways of loving but I think many people misunderstand love having several loves at the same time and that's not so, that's how I observe it, but beyond that, mother's love, forgiving, wanting to change for good some aspects and many more actions, I am a supporter that real love lasts forever and when 2 people get together they become one ♥ excellent poem my friend, happy week =)

I am a supporter of true love and making it last for the long haul; a lifetime. Love is beautiful... especially when two souls become one.

Thank you so much, my friend.

The bible itself says it, not me just saying it hahahaha, more love in our actions with others that makes a big difference, thanks to you my friend, hug =)

This is a very Interesting topic. Actually, love is very dynamic. It's too broad to explore. No one can really exhaust the rules and facts about "love." I love how you placed questions in Your write-up, it's left for us, the readers, to make of it what we would.

You acknowledged the fact that it is a complex and personal experience which varies from one individual to another. My definition of love isn't the same as yours; and your's isn't the same as others.

Well, all I can say is: know what you want, know who to love and place your priorities right.

Thanks for sharing this amazing topic 💯✨

Love is the same but how we express love is what differs. Love is complex and how one person feels it strongly and expresses it differs.

honestly - God's love is perfect
human love is fraught with sin and selfishness. and rarely is TRUE love.

it is an excuse to draw something to ourselves that feels good and puts the focus on us - male or female!! it is filled with pride on both sides.

i love to see that @sperosamuel15 and @george-dee were filling your comment section and keeping the conversation going hehehe

I think that true genuine love - the REAL form of love - is filled with SACRIFICE.

it puts the other's needs first always.
and that's why humans have such a difficult time with it - because we struggle to put ourselves second. Our ego wants to put US first.

someday, we will all love perfectly. but it won't be on this side. hehehe

sending HIS perfect love to you today, my darling Ola Cola Zola! :)

I totally agree with what you said. Real love entails a whole lot of sacrifices. And it's truly difficult to put another first before ourselves. I guess this is the reason why these days, love seems to be more of "selfish" instead of "selfless."

Until we learn to put our ego asides and place the ones who we claim to love, above our personal needs, we will never feel the true warmth of love.


and the people who continue to portray selfish love as the selfless kind... they are just wasting all our time lol

😂😂🤣😂😂🤣 absolutely spot on, mama. Absolutely.

Until we do...we can never experience true love or give the kind of love that is expected.

Hehehe..... I couldn't help it because that was a beautiful piece and aside that, it was a topic that have been confused by many.

There's no love without sacrifice just like you said and I also love the fact that you also said this:

someday, we will all love perfectly. but it won't be on this side. hehehe

This is because it gets worse as the day goes by.... Nowadays we even see families fighting and killing themselves whereas family love is supposed to be the greatest after God's love.

Ego is our biggest obstacle to attaining true love and I'm forced to think on,
How many persons are willing to place themselves second?

Love is about sacrifice...most people don't understand what sacrifice is and yet they claim to be in love. This is where we get it all wrong.

The two go hand in hand, when one is lacking, it's obviously not working.

And it should always be two way something and not a one sided expression.
Love should be coming from both parties

Human love is flawed and would always be but God's love is unchanging and would always stand the test of time. It's unending and can be banked upon... Our ego would always put US first...our imperfections would always shine through.

Thank you so much, mama. I am always honoured to have you here. Yes, I enjoyed their contributions and I enjoyed every perspective to this poetry too. It means a lot.

Happy new month, mama. I love you.

Love is both complex and simple. I love how you touched various aspect and made us know that love is felt differently by everyone. God's love is unchanging and the best there is.

Thank you very much. God's love is what can be depended on. Human's love has been flawed. Our ego and selfishness would always kick in.

There is a lot to unpack here. So many angles yet expressed so clearly. is never ending...for some they just recycle it with others
Love is an old feeling like an old apartment or house but with new occupants in it

I relate to this. Love itself is never ending. It's just the recipients of it that change overtime.
I also believe that love changes in form. We could choose to love one person in different ways, and the ways change overtime too.

Love is the oldest and most complicated feeling and still it is so simple.
Nice piece!

Oldest and the most complicated because of human ego and selfishness. Most people don't understand what love is all about so it's hard to even know what to do with it. It's like not reading a manual for a TV set. It's hard to understand the full function of that TV set.

Thank you so much for this brilliant input.

There's a whole lot to say here.

"We could choose to love one person in different ways, and the ways change overtime" — well, this statement is true and I guess it's because overtime, people drop the things they normally do, and the characters they once exhibited, things and characters that elicits love and makes it constant.

I know we all preach about the saying: love your neighbor as you love yourself" but in reality, is it really possible? We love different people based on their positions/place in our lives, it's just human nature. I think this is the reason we say love is complicated.

Ideally, everyone should be entitled to the same manner and intensity of love but it all depends on the second party involved. If one party changes, the other does. And so does the love between the both.