22 Increasingly difficult tasks to become a HIVE master

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We are adding to our team and the new guy has been in Crypto for a long while but Hive and HIVE is new to him so we are sending him HIVE tokens and giving him a list of possible tasks to do to get experienced with Hive blockchain and specifically the HIVE token. Also to get familiar with another product he may be working on: Aka PeakMonsters.com (related to Splinterlands)

So I am writing up a list of tasks that someone could do with the HIVE (tokens) to get really familiar with

  • Hive blockchain
  • HIVE token utilities
  • Hive-Engine second layer products
  • Splinterlands and Peakmonsters.com
  • Other Hive related projects and BSC chain

I don't know how many of these he'll do but I thought I'd make an intensive list... am I missing anything. Maybe other people will use this list. How many of these 22 tasks have YOU done?



How many have you done?


  • Power up HIVE (stake) aka Get HP
  • Vote on some posts now that you have a vote worth something


  • Buy credits using HIVE on Splinterlands and buy some cards using peakmonsters.com


  • Deposit HIVE into Hive-Engine for swap.hive (Tribaldex.com)
  • Buy a few random Hive-engine tokens using swap.hive (Tribaldex.com)
    Ex: swap.btc, DEC, SPS, voucher, leo, any other swap.xxxxx tokens because they're pegged tokens.


  • Buy DEC through a dieselswap pool (tribaldex.com or beeswap.dcity.io)
  • Transfer from hive-engine using Splinterlands and Use DEC to buy cards using peakmonsters.com


  • Use credits or DEC and rent cards on peakmonsters.com


  • Keep some DEC and look at your SPS airdrop tomorrow at 12pm EST

  • Claim airdrop and then stake that SPS

  • Also buy repeat previous step buy SPS use Splinterlands to transfer to Splinterlands

  • Stake SPS


  • Buy more SPS and DEC through Dieselswap pool (tribaldex.com or beeswap.dcity.io)
  • Put some SPS and DEC together in a Dieselswap pool (tribaldex.com or beeswap.dcity.io)


After you Stake SPS See your voucher total go up tomorrow at midnight (MT)

  • Sell your voucher tokens on tribaldex.com


  • Move some Hive to Bittrex
  • Use Bittrex to exchange HIVE for btc and then btc for HBD then move HBD back into Hive.


  • Convert HIVE for HBD using blockchain function wait 3.5 days for it to be complete.
  • Convert HBD for HIVE and wait 3.5 days for it to be complete


  • Connect BSC wallet to Splinterlands
  • Move DEC or SPS into Binance Smart Chain
  • Exchange DEC or SPS for some CUB (pancakeswap, cubdefi, 1inch)
  • Put CUB into a cubdefi kingdom (cubdefi)


(which i should have known but thanks for reminding me... keep them coming)

  • Make Recurring Payment to another Hive account
  • Delegate Hive Power to another user
  • Exchange Hive > HBD using (ancient/bad-ux) internal marketplace interface
  • Make governance vote: Witness (block producer)
  • Make governance vote: Hive Funding Proposal
  • Make a bid for a card on PeakMonsters.com
  • Buy an NFT from several different projects (nftshowroom.com, dcity.io, splintertalk.io)

I show how to do everything on this list in this video linked here

  • Delegate to a curation project
  • Join a trail
  • Change Hive key
  • Change recovery account
  • Make recurring payment
  • Claim account creation tokens
  • Publish using the different reward modes
  • Exchange Hive/HBD in the internal market

Second all this. Very good ideas here!

I thought about making a post of actions to do on HIVE... but it's more specifically what to do with the HIVE tokens.

Make recurring payment
Delegate Hive Power

... those a great example thanks.

claim account token would be fine but he doesn't have enough to do that you need like 5000 or more.

Exchange Hive/HBD in the internal market

This is probably one of the worst user experiences on Hive (super old and outdated as well) I don't think I want to subject him to that until we are ready to create a page to solve this issue then maybe we'll torture him to go to that page.

maybe we'll torture him to go to that page.


I've actually done every single one of these things. lol Apparently I'm a "Master of HIVE". :-) It doesn't feel like it though. There's still so much out there to see.

One thing I might have him do is check out a couple/few different front-ends (LeoFinance, SplinterTalk, ONEUP, etc) to see what else is out there and give him examples of the different communities/tribes available to become a part of if he wishes. It's nice to have a smaller, more focused community to follow. Just a thought. Very good list!

You are indeed a master of HIVE... but that's different than being a master of Hive. HIVE is the token. Very few would be a "Master of Hive"

Placing bids in PeakMonsters could fit in the 23rd task 😁

That's a decent one... I thought I would have put that. Thanks

Write your #introduceyourself post
Vote for witnesses
Downvote somebody who overstepped the rules
Vote for proposals.

I'm keeping it for just things to do with HIVE the currency.
But maybe I should add Governance voting thanks

Wow I've done all of those things and I've only been around for 3 months. But your youtube videos helped me accomplish a lot of those I'm surprised I know how to do them all.

Woah, Jarvie!!! Are you testing us? [giggling] Because if so, I think I failed terribly! HAHA!! What an EXCELLENT post! I'm essentially seeing a blog post out of every one of these points listed though. Do we know of someone that's written these all up as a sort of "How to Buzz about the Hive?" :) Very very awesome post! Thank you for pointing out what HIVE users should know to become a HIVE Master!! You've been manually upvoted by rosiew from 1UP!

"How to Buzz about the Hive" - that is a killer title! Nicely done rosiew!

@jburke.mp4 check this out sometime!

  1. Stake SPT and earn curation posting and upvoting as well as earn SPS airdrops in @splinterlands!

Great article. What's a good way to learn to look up and decypher information from the hive blockchain? Like tracking a card history on splinterlands or seeing who a listing belongs to on hive-engine exchange?

I have a few apps I'd love to build but I get lost when trying to find and decypher blockchain info.

I have Task 23! "Write a blog post on PeakD and get an upvote from Monster Curator! Yippee!" Ohhhh and how about Task 24, "Buy an NFT on Splintertalk!" Awesome post, Jarvie! You've been upvoted by rosiew.
Your post has been manually curated by @monster-curator Team!

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I should add buy an NFT from NFTshowroom or Splintertalk ... but much cheaper on showroom. Thanks for the suggestion!

... Oh and I should check out this advertisement you're telling me about sounds so thrilling I should stop using this PeakMonsters.com site sounds like trash you only save 5-10 sometimes 20% off list prices with bids. But on this other site you save 60%... oh wait 60% of 5% ... darn and I was so excited for a moment. But thanks for the ad?

What about Changing Hive Keys. Now that's a real PRO Move!

When we make a list of things to do on Hive the blockchain i'll add that... we're focusing on what to do with the HIVE tokens we sent him.

Excellent and very useful post.
I'm going to bookmark this one to use as a list for teaching people about Hive.

I think I've done all except the last 2. I haven't had time to get my head around CUB.

wow... I already did all of them :D great list!

I haven't done any of the S plinterlands tasks yet. But I have done most of the Hive tasks.

Welcome to the new dev ❤️

Looks like a good way to get started, even I haven't done everything on this list yet :-P

  • Convert hive - HBD and viceversa.

  • about the NFTs there is a whole world there too, transfer, burn and put for sell a token.

Some data ideas:

  • Check your own recent activity on hiveblocks.
  • Look at the rich list for a token such as SPT on hive-explorer.


  • Move HBD into savings. Collect the interest.

I've done moest, except the diesel pools and I think one or two other things, but I do believe I master Hive :) Great list and I will reblog it, in case and share this with newbies on Hive in the future!

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Interesting checklist! I have done 7 of them! (#1, #2, #8, #9-11, #25)

Thanks for this! I'm still new to HIVE and to crypto in general, so I'll see if I can go through this list. It seems like a good way to get more familiar with all of this stuff!

Thank you for this :)