About Voting, Sharing and Tipping solid content on #peakd topic

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When people write content about PeakD and any of the many many feature sets we go through and check the posts in the #peakd topic.

We sort by RECENT posts and find different ways to reward people educating other users. Posts that are primarily about #peakd are also welcome in the PeakD Community


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1. Vote on the posts

We will readily vote on good content that educates or excites others about hive/peakd

2. Give the post a tip

It's not a set amount and sometimes it could be BTC or DOGE or the normal HIVE tips.

3. Interact and answer questions

In addition we do check many MENTIONS of @peakd as well

4. We even cross post into our community

Specially when we find some great stuff that we'd like immortalized on the community feed to help others.

5. Pay for Promotion

Now that new promotions are out this is something we plan to do when we find a post that we think a lot of people should see. So we're on the look out.

What is your favorite educative PeakD post? We're looking for one to promote as long as the content is still current


For months now we have been politely telling users to NOT use #peakd unless it's about #peakd so you will see our tag is very easy to curate and not full of unrelated posts. Most people we've informed have quickly stopped using the tag and have been very understanding and we understand that it just comes from a long tradition of abusing topic-tags in the past.

#peakd is not an action tag that does an action like give a reward or something like that it's an actual TOPIC TAG. It's for our own use and others that want to know more about one of the Peak Projects.

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  • Review a new (or old) feature
  • Educate users on how to do something
  • Talk about potential for hive and PeakD
  • Ask questions
  • Answer questions
  • Give input or new ideas
  • Mention your favorite badges or communities
  • Top 10 features

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This is just a side note that any person and specially all companies can easily reward and incentivize content and promotion via tips which are not limited upon investing in thousands of dollars worth of HIVE.

PeakD is a small company and we believe giving tips is a way to show users that we really appreciate them and the content they write.


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We challenge you to do a top ten post... or any educational post at all about #peakd
... Something that helps other Hive users. We all know PeakD has tons of features to talk about.

This isn't a competition, this doesn't have an end date we will continue to reward #peakd content for a long time to come. However for a little while we will certainly increase our TIPS and effort to find content to pay for promotion. If you think your post about peakd/hive is a good one for all peakd users let us know... partly because we don't want to promote if you're not ok with it as sometimes people don't know if you or we paid for the promotion.



cool! i just used the scheduling feature so maybe ill do a tutorial of it

this reminds me of a full on tutorial in spanish i have been working on for like a month now i keep postponing it lol i will get to it this week its time i finish it

reblogged. Nice work Peakd team. The product is amazing!

I'll definitely do a few posts when I come around to updating my old Bluffer's Guide and share them with you folks. I solely use PeakD in any case when I'm on the PC (every day... a lot) so will see what I can muster up!

Keep up the great work 😃

Good educational posts about a platform do need to be collated and kept for others to enjoy as they arrive on Hive, well done!

I usually tag you guys on Twitter when I post my #PeakD Hive links, but I don't think I've ever tagged on Hive...yet :)

I am testing this time and in coming days will write a unique tutorial post. i love its features but to poke deeply. 🤘

Thank you, this is actually good timing on your part, there seems to be some pretty active recruiting going on that I have noticed lately, and the new users could use some help I am sure.

I was already thinking of doing a postl on how toto use peakd in my next post on my newbur guide series.. a lot of the newbies have been getting confused whenthey use peakd.
I am not seeing my badge of 10 referrals on my account .. i was told on twitter that i have been awarded a badge.

Looking forward to the post.
Also i hope you know we're not the creator of the badge you're talking about... you'd have to the person actually in charge of it.

Oh okay.. thank you so much for your quick reply

Hi Peakd-Team,

i have some critism for the Trending Page parameters.

It looks like, good and lot commented post do not care for get a trending rank. But i do not know that. It is just one point, i am not with the trendings here on Hive and erlier on Steem.

I use your frontend since the fork and mostly like it.

Hope this message will be read and get a worth on the long therm view, becouse top commented users like me, would be not just get a view, for the money and the high of my posts.


Which trending page..., there are thousands even tens of thousands of "trending pages" trending is the name of an algorithm developed by a 3rd party company called "Steemin INC" like 3+ years ago. We have that algorithm and another one called "HOT" ... we simply allow people to use those algorithms but don't really have control over how those algorithms work.

I mean this Steemit INC algo. I as a "simple" "stupid" User do just look at this main showed Trending Page.

I do not "search" with other parameters and i think a lot people do the same like me too, and so they see what i see first.

Ok that with the control over the Algo is understandable for me. But is there no way to change it with a own made algo by your companie?

I just critism that point to get a better view for new users outside above the Hive Chain. In my opinion it should be worth it to make some thoughts about it.

Thank you for the information.

We do not make algorithms presently... only use algorithms that have already been made. But if someone makes one that is fast and usefull we will support it. Happy to support efforts to get people interested in making algorithms but it's not easy to do.

Our project has a AI behind it for evaluate comments.

I talk about it with my team to make it possible integrate it with your frontend.


Many of my posts have a storyline that includes some kind of educational matter, susch as my recend "Red Bait" posts, but I have not done one on #peakd itself.
Will certainly give it a thought!

Great post. I hope everyone, including myself, follows your guidance. Thank you.