PeakD AMA - Ask your questions (Live Responses tomorrow)

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Authored by @jarvie
  • We want to see what questions our users have.
  • We want to answer the questions our users have.
  • We would love to do as much of that as we can in one live recorded and written session.



Ask here in the comments or live during the AMA in our discord.

The answers and insights from us should be the incentive BUT...
We will also TIP our favorite questions a little bit... because that's an awesome feature.


Ask the questions NOW

I think the question is more "WHEN ARE THE RESULTS?"
Officially myself (@jarvie) and @asgarth (the more technical one) will answer at 8pm UTC - 4pm Eastern Time. You ask: "how do I know what time that is for my timezone?"
Well funny you should ask because if you're on looking at this post there will be a countdown timer.


We will do a discord conversation so come to Peak Projects discord and look for the VOICE CHANNEL and the #ama chat.

ALSO... I hope to record the conversation and put it online for people to listen to / watch later.

ALSO... We will write some of our answers specially if they are quick answers.



How do you find a community? I posted about gardening and would like to connect with that community.

What are cool features that you wish more people know about?

Is there going to be a chat feature soon...since I have never really used Discord?

we will cover all of these... great questions


Are you planning to introduce PeakD token?
Are you planning to open source PeakD?
Mobile app?

Solid questions I think we will cover all three of those in the live AMA

  1. trying to onboard new users is hard when to explain how Hive works and all the info someone must consume to understand it, have you guys thought about making a start here page for new users with tutorials, videos and maybe even a chat for people to ask questions and stuff like that?

  2. now with Bee-chat on showroom and lensy will you guys look into implement it on peakd too?? cause that would be AWESOME!!

  3. talking about lensy and showroom any thoughts on maybe making a tab for artist photographers to showcase their work for sale on those sites? i know we have portfolio but if you dont make a post about it you dont get to show your work there, so it would be awesome to have some sort of way to link the nft sites with our blogs.

you guys rock and do amazing for our blockchain so just wanted to say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for all you do!

With you guys being within a hair's reach of passing the threshold to start receiving DHF funding will you guys be making a big push to get those last couple of votes?

Long term how are you guys planning to generate revue from running PeakD to cover costs and earn from it?

Do you have any plans to be running advertisements to grow PeakD such as on Brave?

How many monthly visitors is PeakD receiving per month these days?


  1. We will discuss DHF including your specific question.
  2. Run advertisements ON brave? Or just ads in general? Or is this more of a question about marketing plans?
  3. And revenue streams + what can help cover costs of peakd?
  4. Analytics stuff... i'll see what we want to share.

Does that sound right?

. 2. Marketing plans in general.

The rest sounds right. Thanks for replying.

Hello peakd. :-)

I see, you add a new Algo on the Explore.

I like the Most Viewed Part, because there are a lot good little users to see and vote/comment.

But i miss the recent of the blockchain posts...

I like to use it, because their is just the filter of what time say itself.

Maybe i do not find him?


So would you like to know more about what we plan to do with "Most Viewed" algorithm? Or is it more of a request that you want to have it show you RECENT ones from that list?

Give us a little more context for the AMA or a couple related questions.

First, i would thank you for the answer and the dip!

Second, i found the Recent Button again. It was typical my mistake. :-)

So yes, it would be very nice to know a little bit about it, how the new "Most Viewed" Algo works.

Nearby i got a idea today for your frontend.
Sometimes i wished i can reblog a comment. Is that possible?
Another is, if i reblog something, it will be very nice to be able to wrote a little message above the reblogged article to inform my followers why i did that.


What does the ideal PeakD user look like, and where do those kind of folks hang out online?

Are you satisfied with user growth and retention? Thoughts on advertising or similar efforts to attract new content creators to the dapp?

Lastly, how are guys doing in terms of business sustainability? If the DHF

  1. Growth
  2. Retention
  3. Advertising
  4. Business Sustainability

Noted... thanks for the subjects

Great work, PeakD Team!

My questions are:
Is there anywhere for developers access to the PeakD's user activity data?
How will you describe the relationship between PeakD and Hive blog? Competitor or?

  1. Maybe asgarth understands your first question better or you can rephrase it so a non-developer like myself can understand it better.
  2. Relationship with or other platforms... ok we'll cover that.

Thank you for the reply!

Let me reframe my first question:
I am curious if PeakD team plans to make user data publicly accessible? or create some aggregated data site (e.g.

Just thought of another question I am curious about:
What would be the future development for the promotion feature? I think this is a necessary feature for the platform to sustain in a long term. However, we don't want to sacrifice user experience for that.

We are more than happy to talk about future of promotion feature and how to balance both those things.

Here is onethat @gungunkrishu asked but we did not see any response.

Why is there a difference in Vote Weight on hive.blogs and other portals? Also, the difference is not minute there is a clear difference of more than 1K+ HP vote weight.

Here is one from me : Is sharing of list on road map ? I just came to know about lists, but can a curator share a list so that others can use the same list and upvote the posts they like ?

thanks we will cover these

Do you have any plans of introducing ads to increase your revenue?

k will cover this

I personally wouldn't mind it as I'm aware you need more revenue. If I can watch them on centralized sites I can do it for you as well...

Will you guys be developing a dedicated mobile app for android/ios?

Risky, app stores have a reputation for booting apps with user-created content that violates policies. Spend a bunch of time building the app only to get pulled from the App Store with minimal justification.

I didn't know that but I guess it's why dapplr had such a hard time trying to get their app on ios store too. All that effort to get it listed then for it to be taken down without warning.

How often do apps get taken down?

That's the hope but we'll talk more about this subject tomorrow.

Sweet, I'll try to catch up with the discussion

My question that there any possibility to start country representative or ambassdor theme award to community people .what do you say if we or hive bring this opportunity to select one or more than one nember as ambessdor to promote block ..

May not be able to listen live but look forward to the recording.

My question.
Would there be a way to implement changing the upvote strength for different tokens?
For instance give a full upvote of Leo but minimal Hive strength.

@peakd please help.
This account I am currently using works for me, but it is just my secondary account, my main account doesn´t work on peakd, how can that be? Maybe it is set on a node which doesn´t work? I think it is the api one from @blocktrades. How can one change the node from "outside" when you can´t even log in?

How can one change the node from "outside" when you can´t even log in?

Add the node you want to use at the end of the address. Like this:

That worked - thanks so much!!

Are you considering a "full text search" on the website? I mean as an addition to the search on the current topic/keyword/username search. It would really open up the content on the site imho!

Also: are you planning to introduce #beechat on Peakd? Would make it so much more social!!

we will cover both these topics on the show

Hello, I want to know how to start publishing content in Peak with hp

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I find that very good. This is what I call hand in hand with the community to achieve the goals/goals.

Best regards Michael

would be really looking forward to an inbox and a chat system for messaging :)

Thanks for all your good work!!

Would you have a link if we missed the live AMA?