Exploring the Aceh Tsunami Museum Part 2

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Today I am very happy because I was able to visit the Aceh Tsunami Museum again to continue exploring every corner of the Museum while seeing every exhibition of the remains of the Aceh Tsunami in 2004 which killed 227,898 people.

Now I'll just go straight to the Museum section on Floor 2, for friends who want to see every photo of the Tsunami relics on display on Floor 1, you can see them in my first post, this Aceh Tsunami Museum Part 1.

On the 2nd floor, I saw lots of historical photos of post-Tsunami Aceh stuck on the circular walls. Apart from having a lot of history, this spot is also the most aesthetic spot in the Aceh Tsunami Museum.

Here it is also written about the earthquake immediately before the Tsunami which had severe vibrations of up to 9.3 SR which caused all the buildings to collapse to the ground instantly.

Of the many photos here, my eyes were drawn to several photos that were full of meaning here.

This is a photo of a small child who was a Tsunami victim who was being immunized by the health team.

Then here there is also a photo of aid from Unicef ​​given to Tsunami Victims.

And the last one is a sad photo showing Tsunami victim children sleeping in refugee barracks.

After observing various historical photos of the post-Tusnami disaster, I now entered a room that showed parts of Acehnese customs and culture, at the entrance I was immediately greeted with a replica of the Acehnese house which was very well made and beautiful.

Then, on the wooden path right in front of the Acehnese Traditional House, I again saw several photos of Aceh's natural beauty and delicious food from Aceh.

Until finally I arrived at a room that had a very aesthetic curved wide screen, this room showed the natural charm of one of the most beautiful beaches in Aceh, namely Lampuuk Beach.

Not alone, I watched this beautiful big screen with several groups of other visitors, this is a very beautiful room and looks aesthetic.

Then I arrived at the room where the remains of the Tsunami were stored, in front of me there was a blue medium car which was taken directly from the Tsunami incident and kept well as a memory here.

Beside this car there was also a bicycle used by the Tsunami and also an Astrea motorbike used by the Aceh Tsunami. Seeing how destroyed these objects were made me immediately remember how powerful the Tsunami waves were at that time.

And the most iconic thing in this room is the replica of the PLTD Floating Ship which was carried by the Tsunami waves from the sea to land as far as 3 Kilo Meters from the port where it was anchored, namely at Ulee Lhee Harbor, and on the next occasion I also want to go to the original Floating Ship to see it closer.

So, next I entered the room which had several other historical pictures of the Tsunami. This room was made in a circular shape with a round table in the middle. Apart from pictures showing post-tsunami events, here I also saw many abstract pictures about new places in the city of Banda Aceh that were rebuilt after the tsunami.

And the last room I can explore today is the Aesthetic room with an exhibition of pictures of the splendor of the Aceh Tsunami Museum, this is a photo of the Aceh Tsunami Museum taken from outside the Museum with a very beautiful background of stars in the sky.

Unfortunately this museum is very large and today I can only explore it up to here, on another occasion I will definitely take the time to go to the Tsunami Museum again to explore it further.

This is my travel post to the Tsunami Museum today, see you in my next travel post.

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we are in the same area but there is no doubt that the tsunami museum has a very beautiful design, especially when we are inside it looks like there are so many things we can find and some photos of the incident in 2004

That's right friends, it's a place full of history, going there really makes us feel nostalgic for when the Tsunami occurred.