Visiting the Aceh Tsunami Museum

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Today I went to one of the most historic places in Aceh, namely the Tsunami Museum, located on Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda, no 3, Sukaramai, Baiturrahman District, Banda Aceh City.

When I arrived at the front yard of the Museum, I was immediately greeted by the very beautiful and majestic architecture of the Tsunami Museum building with minimalist ornamental plants in the front area.

In order to enter the Museum, I first had to buy a ticket, every building in this Museum is so aesthetic, the place to buy tickets is also designed to be as minimal as possible, after buying a ticket for 0.2 USD I immediately went inside to see every historical relic The tsunami that hit Aceh on December 26 2004.

After passing through the entrance, I was immediately greeted by a dark, descending tunnel filled with the sound of sea waves which depicted the sound of tsunami waves and also sounds like people running, on the tunnel walls there were also drops of water which made me feel a little scared when passing through the tunnel. This.

After passing through a dark tunnel, I was now greeted again with a room made with dark shades and there were lots of live screens that filled the entire room.

After getting closer, I began to realize that every live screen in this room was showing documentary photos after the tsunami.

Starting from the ruins of the house.

Wrecked cars.

Remains of the mosque building that survived the powerful tsunami waves.

Volunteers evacuating dead bodies after the Tsunami disaster.

The ship is stranded in the middle of the city.

Destroyed building.

Until the elephant handler who was evacuating Tsunami victims from the rubble of the building using his elephant.

Continuing to the next room, here I saw this room called Prayer Well, inside this tube-shaped room I saw lots of people's names stuck on the walls of the room, it turned out these were a few of the names of Tsunami victims who were successful in the data, while I was in this room I also offered prayers for prosperity for our brothers and sisters who died in the Tsunami disaster.

Coming out of the Prayer Well room, now I was greeted again by the most iconic bridge in the Tsunami Museum, this bridge was made with a very beautiful design, we can see the entire design of the Tsunami Museum through this bridge.

At the top of the bridge we can see the flags of various UN countries who took part in helping Aceh when it was hit by the Tsunami. In my heart I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the countries in the world who have helped us recover from sadness after being hit by the Tsunami in 2004 ago.

Under the bridge there is a very beautiful large pool, this large pool is painted blue so that it looks more beautiful when you look at it.

So, on the 2nd floor of the Tsunami Museum I saw a miniature of the Tsunami Museum which was located in glass, by looking at this miniature I could see all the very beautiful architectural designs and styles of this Tsunami Museum.

On the 2nd floor there is also a room that shows geographical data for Aceh and how the earth's plates shifted until the tsunami occurred.

Here I can learn many things about geography so that my insight continues to grow, the aesthetic and minimalist building design can also make me very comfortable being here.

It seems like, at this point, my journey to explore every corner of the vast Tsunami Museum is getting late and soon the museum will close. Tomorrow I will definitely come here again to further explore this magnificent museum, see you in my next travel post.

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