Gardens of the Dark Gate 📷 Malaga - Spain

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Malaga has two beautiful castles, the castle of Alcazaba and the castle of Gibralfaro, which at one time were linked by passages and towers, but today are visited separately.




But on the southern slope of the Gibralfaro castle, or rather all the way up to it, we can find some wonderful gardens which can be accessed in different ways, either by climbing the path of La Coracha (the name of the old neighbourhood that used to be in that area and no longer exists) or by one of the many stone steps and paths that can be found from the street Guillén Sotelo, behind the Town Hall.

To describe these gardens I would say that it is like a labyrinth made up of roundabouts, stairs, paths, ascents, descents, spaces full of flowers and plants. There are places to sit and admire the landscape.

It seems as if the stairs never end or that anyone could get lost in such an expanse.



In ancient times this area did not have the greenery and gardens that we have today, but between the castles and the city walls there was an old neighbourhood called La Coracha, a very poor neighbourhood that was mainly dedicated to fishing.

In this place there was neither water nor electricity, so when the city was enlarged and improved, people moved from La Coracha to other areas.





The name "Puerta Oscura" (Dark Gate) is due to the fact that in the past there was a door of Arab origin in this place, and as there was no lighting, the area was very dark, which led to the proliferation of thugs, homeless people and vagrants.

This gate also served as one of the entrances to the Mirador de Gibralfaro.

Today what we see is a wonderful area, very well kept and totally attractive for tourism.







These gardens are a complement to the castles of Alcazaba and Gibralfaro and as these are on a hill, the steep slope made it obligatory to build the gardens in an ascending or descending manner, depending on how you look at it.

That is why the many spaces and terraces are arranged at different levels.

We can see a beautiful distribution of different species of trees, shrubs, flowering plants that make the decoration of the castles.





Alternating with the abundant vegetation, there are promenades, fountains and arbours.

The design of these gardens is the work of Guerrero Strachan in 1937, who transformed an arid and empty area into innumerable terraces, arbours and promenades, one more beautiful than the other and surprising to tourists.




The aim of these gardens was to serve as a frame for the walls of the Alcazaba, in other words, to beautify them.

These gardens are also part of a group of gardens that are very close to each other, such as the Pedro Luis Alonso garden and the city park.



As I said before, there are several ways to get there, but my favourite is a large walkway or path where I find cats that come out and are very friendly.

From there there are numerous passages and stairs where you can go up and find the most beautiful landscapes and views of the city at different heights.







In the succession of terraces we can find cypresses, palm trees, canaries, pines, jacarandas and many other species.

The gardens occupy an area of 14,000 m2 and serve as a place for relaxation and rest while enjoying nature in abundance.

As you gain height, you can see different postcards of the city in every direction you look.






There are rest areas with benches, flowerbeds full of flowers, trees can be seen at different heights and there is spectacular landscaping.

I must highlight the immense colourfulness of these gardens, which have flowers of different species, at all times of the year, and this is admired by everyone who visits them.










The walks along the paths through the gardens are magical, among the trees and flowers, the sunlight and the fresh air accompanied by the wonderful views of the harbour, the Mediterranean Sea and the other gardens surrounding the site, plus the historic buildings.








Each staircase I climbed up or down gave me new views both of the castle, the surrounding nature and the beautiful panoramic views of the city.









Walking the paths in the gardens is absolutely relaxing, some are very secluded, with places to sit embedded in the stone and with more views of the city.

Endless stairs, trees, flowers and more paths, lanterns and beautiful colours.







As I descended I came across a beautiful place with a fountain, and a space with water, small fish and shrubs so well placed in a great design. A dream landscape.

The whole ensemble forms a very special place to behold, worthy of a visit.

The Dark Gate Gardens can be visited every day of the year, 24 hours a day, free of charge and free of charge.



The slope is very steep and the stairs are sometimes slippery, so it is advisable to wear comfortable, non-slip shoes. It is essential to bring water because the climb is very tiring.

It is a formidable walk, as if we were entering a great stone labyrinth with a mixture of nature.

A place full of history and beauty.




Thank you very much to all of you for watching and reading this far. Best regards to all and see you next time.

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Thank you very much @pinmapple 😀

Lo que me fascina de este tipo de construcciones es la cantidad de piedra cortada para realizarlas. Las piedras talladas se encuentran por todas partes. Terrazas y escaleras y todo ello siempre en piedra. El parque es magnífico con sus palmeras. Gracias por compartir con los turistas. La fuente de piedra es bonita. También me gusta mucho tu foto del reflejo del edificio en el pequeño canal.

Es un lugar maravilloso y mágico te lo aseguro, estar ahí te transporta más allá.

Muchas gracias por tu hermoso comentario, lo aprecio mucho!❤️

@avdesing It's always a pleasure to follow your posts!!!!

A la prueba me remito mi querida amiga @avdesing es decir las fotografías tomadas, confirman lo bello e histórico que es Málaga. Es muy hermosa la vegetación y las estructuras de las construcciones muy duraderas. Te deseo muchos éxitos en tu publicación. Abrazos.

No te das una idea lo que es estar en ese lugar, absolutamente maravilloso y hermoso. Muchas gracias Omar!❤️

Las fotos mi amiga @avdesing ofrecen la sensación hermosa que es Málaga. Tomarse un cafecito en tan distinguido lugar, debe ser una delicia. Desde Venezuela te deseo muchos éxitos.

Muchísimas gracias Omar!😃
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Thank you!!

How are you dear friend @avdesing good afternoon
It is incredible to have all this natural beauty in the middle of the city, what a beautiful structure, I really like how they have used stones for all the constructions, the floor, walls, even the steps
What a beautiful tour, I appreciate you sharing this beauty.
Have a splendid night

It is astonishing. And I love going there, it's peaceful and harmonious. Thank you very much @jlufer 😃

Beautiful castle. It looks familiar. I might've gone there. I really need to publish my Spain trip shots, but they don't look nearly as good as yours :)

Publish them! I'm going to love them! Of that I am sure. Thank you very much @litguru 😀

Mi sentido aviario vio a un ave en dos fotos jaja ¿es bastante grande o me parece a mi? Que hermosa y me parecio ver unos lindos michis jiji

Que belleza de sitio, una belleza descomunal los paisajes y arquitecturas de alli, graciaspor traernos estas bellezas 😍

Exactamente viste 2 una mas grande que la otra, cuando seleccionaba las fotografías me dije... dos con pajaritos jaja y que no falten los mininos 🤣

Ya verás estas bellezas en persona, estoy segura, gracias Yami!❤️

"Castle for Queen Amonet"🥰 it is a wonderful especially in current times...imagine the time when these were surrounded by the thugs at dark was scary...there are so many of histories involved at each of these ols places....alwsys intriguing

That's exactly what I was going to say, imagine stories around these places.... my imagination takes me to moments and makes up stories hahahaha

You can imagine my castle! Yes!😍

Thanks for the tour and I thought I saw a lot of Arab influence. cheers

There is so much Arab influence and so much history! I love to read and educate myself about every place I go to. Thank you so much Jose!😃

You can see the work behind your publications. Have a nice weekend

Yes, it takes a lot of work, but it is worth it and I learn a lot!!!! Have a nice weekend!

Very very beautiful photos and those gardens and castles. I noticed the vegetation which in a general sense resembles ours, especially the flowers and the different palms. And I was struck by the benches for resting. Your photos have taken me to those places in Malaga.
Very nice post. Congratulations.☃️🎄

I love that people can travel through my photographs as much as I travel through other people's, it's very nice and I'm glad you liked it.... Yes it is true, here there are many palm trees, although it doesn't rain almost, the climate is very humid because of the proximity of the sea. Thank you very much @mamani ❤️


Thank you!!😀